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Social competency is currently taken for granted in nursing theory and practice. However , ethnical competency had not been always normative. Madeline Leininger was the 1st nursing theorist, practitioner, and scholar to tell apart transcultural breastfeeding as a one of a kind means of rendering top quality of care. The underlying rule of transcultural nursing, also known as ethnonursing, is applying anthropological and sociological principles to nursing practice. Contemporary breastfeeding practice can be culturally competent at its core primarily because the principles of Leiningers medical theory have grown to be fully integrated into education and specialist practice.

Leininger: Describing the Theorist

Born in Nebraska, USA, Leininger recognized the importance of patient as a critical principle from the profession of nursing (Madeline Leiningers Lifestyle Care, and. d. ). Leininger received several collegiate degrees, the first of which has been a nursing diploma in 1950 by St . Anthonys School of Nursing in Denver, where she worked well in a kids home and realized the importance of moving away from the impérialiste and xenophobic approach towards one based on cultural expertise (Busher Betancourt, 2015).

Her initial doctor education was followed by a Bachelors of Science from St . Scholastica (Benedictine College) in Kansas in 1954, followed by a Masters in psychiatric and mental well being nursing via Catholic University or college of America in Wa, D. C. in 1965, finally receiving the PhD in ethnic and cultural anthropology coming from t this individual University of Washington in Seattle more than 40 years ago (Madeline Leiningers Culture Treatment, n. m. ). Leininger was the initial to put out the concept of transcultural nursing: the idea of adapting nursing jobs practices being more culturally relevant.


Nursing theories are categorized from numbers of generality or perhaps abstraction, about what the theory is usually attempting to cover. Metatheories would be the most fuzy, followed by grand nursing ideas, middle selection theories, and finally, practice ideas that have daily relevance in the day-to-day businesses of health care workers (McEwen Wills, 2014). A metatheory is a paradigm, or a theory about a theory, (McEwen Wills, 2014, l. 37). A great theory is definitely not as comprehensive in scope as a metatheory but is similarly while unspecific. Central range theories become more specific and have certain relevance intended for nursing practice, administration, and public insurance plan. Finally, practice theories are situation specific (McEwen Wills, 2014). The practice ideas are those that nurses assist each and every day. Transcultural nursing theory is a grand theory yet one that has application to middle selection and practice applications in healthcare.

Presumptions and Metaparadigms

The most primary assumption of Leiningers (1988) transcultural nursing theory is the fact culture is known as a missing hyperlink in nursing jobs knowledge and practice, as well as being a wholistic concept that is fully highly relevant to evidence-based nursing (Leininger, 1988, p. 152). One of the ways that transcultural breastfeeding theory is definitely fully incorporated into nursing practice as a metaparadigm is related to the concepts of health, wellbeing, illness, and healing. Traditions impacts the ways individual persons think about what makes up health, wellness, and condition. Likewise, lifestyle impacts nes attitudes toward healthcare, affluence, treatments, plus the role of doctors, healthcare professionals, and other health care workers. As Leininger (1994) herself remarks in her extensive writings, transcultural nursing reveals the nuances of emic and etic know-how, which are in turn linked to quality lifestyle, health, and well-being, (p. 22). Etic knowledge is that which is developed by outsiders

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