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Very well, there is no doubt that life in villages is very beautiful, and incredibly interesting indeed, but at the same we find that there are people who want to live in city cities and this is due to all their lust of living in a modernized lifestyle. Anyway, to comprehend how the two of these different life-style differ, Let me start by identifying each way of life, therefore about make this easy to understand right after between them. Goats and cows graze the nearby alpage, or the grassy hills, while ducks and chickens wander around searching for the morning worms in the warm soils.

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It is amazingly gorgeous to just listen to the sounds of nature around you. The other thing is that villagers tend to be more healthier than people who live in cities and metropolitan areas, because the food they ingest is basically from the crops they will grow, and so all the food in neighborhoods are new and healthier. In villages, technology is something not commonly used, as people stay in touch through being near each other. At night, they stay together with a lamp, and old persons tell the younger ones reports, till its time to get bed. At times the only method of news can be through the car radio.

The radio is considered the most commonly used technology amongst various villagers. Anyhow, living in a village can be something so beautiful and extremely sweet mainly because it reminds you of how persons used to live long time ago. LIVING IN A TOWN Well, currently many people live in cities and urban centers, and this is principally because of the seek out better work opportunities.

It is clear that in cities a lot more very hard, challenging and very demanding, and this is because of the city way of way of life. In urban centers, people don’t know the other person, as it is naturally known that cities will be dwelling places for millions of people and in some cities millions. Which means this makes it hard for people to find out each other in such an environment. People in cities are always seen to be busy since life there may be like that.

Tension and hypertonie are very common among people who also live in cities, and this is because of the lengthy working several hours. However , technology, in cities is a common point as people their usually be a normal thing and everywhere each goes they end up within these technologies, i. e., in schools, banks, working places e. capital t. c. For some reason, this is a good thing as it is well known that technology makes things always be easier and faster. The other issue which is quite typical in a city lifestyle, is definitely the need for faster foods, several food retailers there are inside the service of providing this kind of kinds of foods, but on the other hand, these kinds of foods are well known for the negative setbacks as we all know that these foods are greatly unhealthy.

Air pollution is also a huge problem generally there, fumes of poisonous smells coming from industrial sectors, and cars also may play a role for the surroundings to be infected. So this provides the lack of genuine fresh air roaming around, and thus many risky lung disorders become common to many city dwellers. Noise is additionally a big difficulty for people surviving in cities, the sounds of jam traffics and loud industries are very common in cities. In any case, we all know that cities will be places where education is about high highs, because the education level in towns is based on excessive technologies.

In addition there are things that happen to be good in this kind of a lifestyle, there are many luxurious things you can do, like in the entertainment fields. Cinemas, fabulous parks, entertaining places, and many more things that happen to be very common in cities. WHERE I PREFER TO LIVE Well, genuinely speaking I favor living in a village, mainly because am the sort of a person who enjoys the sounds of nature, and the easy way of a life-style, and the cause is that I actually don’t just like living in populated places and the noisy noises of vehicles and industrial sectors.

Anyway, this is just what I prefer and i also know that many more prefer surviving in cities.

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