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The 21st century is usually an era greatly influenced by “reality television”. If we’re not trying to keep up with the Kardashians, we’re watching Big Brother, Bachelors/Bachelorette, and Flavor of affection.

This is a contrast from your 20th hundred years, which was the era from the silver screen, the era of cinema. Instead of having almost no imagination just like television today the films of this period era forced the restrictions of our creativeness and satisfied and captured our greatest dreams. Two of the greatest movies of this period were A Trip to the Moon, directed by Georges Méliès (1902) as well as the Great Educate Robbery aimed by Edwin Porter (1903). In his motion picture A Trip to the Moon, Georges Méliès can be an early example of narrative film, his intro film enhancing and help differentiate narrative films and how these were seen in a comparison of music, books, and cinema.

Although his edits had been simple, for example people vanishing win a cloud of smoke, that means he would make smoke build in front of the stars, stop recording the picture, move the actors out of your frame, and start recording again thus producing the audience assume that the celebrities instantly disappeared in front of their eyes. This brought a fresh dimension in film, and introduced film editing for the world. He shot his films by 14 fps, his photographs always continued to be stationary but what made these scenes amazing were his amazing pieces designs, painted by hand backgrounds wonderful in camera effects, Actually took a group who were surviving before the initially manned moon landing in 1969 to a world of real science fictional works and creativeness.

Taking what Méliès launched into story movies and running with that, Edwin Assurer being the father of the “narrative”, introduced at the moment what was regarded state of the art filmmaking technologies that help further film narrative. In The Wonderful Train Theft, Porter introduced several Film Technologies including cross trimming, double exposure, movement in the camera, checking and panning, out of sequence shots, and colourizing of people and actions. These types of edits and special effects were very effective at drawing the group into the video, special effects area audience find out when guns were taken, how joyous the people were when they had been dancing this effectively helped bring the audience into that universe.

He also introduced a different sort of film technique which was area shooting, contrary to Méliès who’s camera usually remained immobile, and were shot upon sets, Assurer wasn’t immobile it moved with the stars, and his arranged wasn’t a set by any means, is was outside, it had been in the coach, it was had been ever the storyline took these people. This took film story to a fresh level; this brought the group on the quest, something film lacked ahead of Méliès and Porter. Something that both their particular films experienced that movies before them didn’t have, was a story.

Before them films did not have any structure or a linear story meaning they didn’t have they didn’t possess start ultimately causing a climaxing leading to the end. Their films were drastically longer the films available to them Méliès’s film being a couple of minutes and Porter’s film getting 12 a few minutes. The result of their particular films informing a story helped them reach their goal and what they wanted their audience to get from the film and that was the history.

A Trip to the Moon a film that follows a group of very intelligent astronomers as the hatch an complicated plan to travel moon. (Westminster, 2010) While The Great Coach Robbery is actually a story regarding the four bandits whom tie up and assault a worker with the train station sneak on the coach, steal all the passengers’ cash and sets at these people as the make a get away. A child finds the worker with the train station tangled up tells the sheriff and in addition they go on a search to get the bandits. To compare these two motion pictures and say which one was better powerful reaching this goal then this other, is hard, and difficult.

They both equally told their particular stories, but once it weren’t for Méliès introduction of film croping and editing many of the results that were used in Porters film wouldn’t possess happened. Making a stop in the Celestial body overhead was the initial science hype film; the first of it’s kind at any time. It was very popular and helped the theatre market transition in narrative films. Not to eliminate from Tenir, The Great Train Robbery had taken what Méliès did and took to an entire complete level and help harden narrative films spot inside the cinema industry.

Comparing these kinds of films is a lot like comparing the IPhone to the IPhone 5, naturally the Iphone 5 accessories is better plus more effective at performing it’s task then the unique IPhone but without the initial IPhone there is no Iphone 5 information. Works Cited Westminster. (2010, Novemeber 12). A Trip to the Moon. (N. Montano, Editor) Retrieved Sept 13, 2013, from Film110:

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