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The 1990s have been completely an era of growth in computer use for campuses across the United States. A countrywide survey of information technology utilization in higher education indicated an increasing integration of computer related actions into college courses (Campus Computing Task, 2000). This kind of survey reported that three-fifths of undergrad courses applied electronic mail and two-fifths utilized World Wide Web (WWW) resources.

Seite an seite to this tendency is the developing number of colleges and universities instituting requirements for scholar computer ownership (Growing number of colleges require, 2000). This article reported that many in the schools employing the requirement did so to guarantee that every students got access to a similar computing resources. Research by Brown (1999) indicated that at schools without a computer ownership need, only half the students will probably own 1. The purpose of this study should be to determine the status of computer use and the perceptions toward computers of potential preschool educator and to look into of a number of variables prove attitudes.

For this specific purpose, Computer Consumption Information Form and Computer Attitude Scale was placed on 126 prospective preschool teachers. This research is done with study methods. The info is assessed through normal deviation, suggest value because well as t-test and one way ANOVA for group evaluation, besides to look for which group causes the in the group comparison, a PostHoc Tukey HSD test is employed.

At the conclusion of the analyze it is decided that the prospective preschool educator use pcs more at home and internet cafes and the levels of employing computer system are advanced or uppr. It is also decided that there is a tremendous difference according to the variables of taking pc course, computer ownership, standard of using laptop program, rate of recurrence of computer usage, computer system experience and class of the scores of attitudes toward computer systems. On the other hand, you cannot find any significant difference in line with the variables of gender.

We recommend that future studies should concentrate on investigating academicians’s level of use of computer plan and perceptions toward computer technologies.

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