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Research from Thesis:

com, 2009).

Day of Exploration 4 / / 2009 – Authoritative Web Sites:

U. S. Division of Health and Human Services (2009) The Surgeon General’s

Call to Action to stop and Decrease Obese and Weight problems. Retrieved The spring

22, 2009 from the U. S. Fda public site, at:


National Study centers of Well being (2008) NIH Obesity Research. Retrieved 04 22

2009 from the National Institutes of Health public website, by:


The main thrust from the two govt websites is definitely the direct website link between overweight and obesity and numerous diseases such as diabetes and various cardiac, circulatory system, and other serious conditions. According to the options, overweight and obesity is increasing by nearly epidemic proportions inside the U. H., and even includes

children of whom a very high percentage will be clinically overweight and at risk of lifelong weight problems (HHS, 2009; NIH, 2008). Both the U. S. Doctor General as well as the National

Institutes of Overall health recommend against popular fad diets and suggest that people lose weight slowly but surely by following reasonable guidelines such as those given by the newly-

revised meals pyramid. Both equally websites specifically recommend that dieters reduce their particular intake of high-fat foods, junk food, and food with substantial sugar content and suggest that weight loss through this method much more sustainable over the long-term than weight losses attributable to novelty diets (HHS, 2009; NIH, 2008).

Particular date of Study 4 as well as / 2009 – Crucial Diet Evaluations and Media Magazines:

Baldauf, S. “Too Fat? You can forget Excuses: Research Is Revealing Just how Very

Destroying Extra Suitcase Is” U. S. Reports World Survey, Jan 14/08: pp 57-61)

Consumers Union. “Cut the Fat” Buyer Reports, Jan/04: pp 12-16.

Consumers Union. “Rating the Diets” Consumer Reports. Jun/07: pp 12-17.

Hobson, E. “A World of Ways to Eat Right: Nutritional Specialists Embrace Whole

Traditional Diets” U. S i9000. News World Report, May possibly 26/08: pp 56-62.

Spake, A. “Stop Dieting! inch U. H. News World Report, Jan. 16/06: pp 61-66.

Willett, W. C., Skerrett, S. J. (2004). “Beyond Atkins” Newsweek Mag

Jan. 19/04: pp. 46-54.

To assess the information already collected, I selected seven magazine content in three news and consumer data periodicals spanning a five-year period to include both the most up to date information and also reviews from the Atkins and Slim-Fast courses since the elevation of their reputation. All seven articles appeared to confirm the same approach suggested by the respected government websites. Specifically

according to these resources, the success experienced by simply dieters next either the Atkins

or maybe the Slim-Fast system is almost usually very unsuccsefflull and almost

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