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In The Handsomest Drowned Guy in the World, Gabriel Márquez uses magic realism in the best approach. Magic realistic look is the fictional technique that applies fantasy to common events. Márquez incorporates marvelous realism into “The Handsomest Drowned Guy in the World” to show topics such as isolation, culture, and transformation. This kind of story used magical realism in the best approach because of the way it included it in to the plot.

In the tale, children had been playing on the beach and a dead person washed up on the banks. The children are experiencing fun burying him, looking him up, and reburying him. Your day is regular, but the gentleman is not really. He is big, giant, and handsome, contrary to the men who also live in the region. When the people of the town learn of the drowned man, they get in to a home. The community people identity him Esteban. The women begin sewing clothes for the him understanding that nothing which the men individual will easily fit in. “The tallest men’s holiday break pants probably would not fit him, no the fattest ones’ Sunday shirts, nor the shoes of the one with the biggest feet. Fascinated with his enormous size wonderful beauty, the ladies them decided to make him some pants…” (Márquez 91) This is magical realism because Esteban’s overall look and physical features are unrealistic and impossible.

Later on inside the story, the ladies begin planning a funeral to get the drowned man. One of many locals retreats into the man being a relative. They mourn to get him like he was area of the family. The village persons start to speculate what the city would have recently been like if Esteban lived right now there. Houses would need to be made greater and entrance doors taller in honor of Esteban. The villager’s reaction to Esteban emphasize the marvelous elements. Which a dead gentleman can have got so much affect on a city of community people. The local community retreats into the unfamiliar person as if this individual were their particular.

“The Handsomest Drowned Man” features magical realistic look into the history better than “The Youngest Girl doll. ” In “The Handsomest Drowned Man, ” it uses for lifelike things with little changes on them to make them illusion. Such as by using a man simply making him giant. “When they had placed him on the ground they said he’d been tall than all the other men because there was hardly enough room of him in the house. ” (Márquez 90) In “The Youngest Doll, inch they use lifelike dolls which come to life to include magical realism into the account. “The great aunt had ongoing to increase how big the toy so that their particular height and other measurements conformed to those of each of the ladies. ” (Ferré 82) Can make the story seems more unrealistic and that it is not incorporating marvelous realism in it as much.

Gabriel Márquez used wonderful realism in the most effective way through his history “The Handsomest Drowned Guy in the World. ” He contains magical realistic look into the story to show several themes just like isolation, lifestyle, and alteration.

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