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Culture generates a significant role in friends and family life. Friends and family traditions in many cases are passed down from generation to the next, and usually create added intricacy from outside the house influence after some time. The original id of the opinion continues to be noticeable, although more ideas have been added to the basic cultural idea. In Leslie Silko’s short story, “The Man to send Rain Clouds, this dilemma arises. Although a constant effect of Catholic beliefs are apparent inside the Pueblo people’s society, Leon and his family still screen their Native American id through their very own actions present throughout the account.

Silko explains that her people “were knowledgeable about [culture],  and that “old traditions were dying out (Silko, “Language 772). The neighborhood Catholic Church’s minister, Dad Paul, efforts to incorporate the Church’s educating into the Laguna’s way of life. He shows wonderful concern pertaining to Leon fantastic family “miss[ing] [Mass] last Sunday,  (Silko, “Man 50), and requests the family to go to the following weekend.

Father Paul effectively influences Leon’s sister, Louise. When the girl finds out regarding her grandfather’s death, she suggests adding the routine of putting holy drinking water on his gravesite “so this individual won’t be thirsty (Silko, “Man 50).

Though Catholic interference tries to effect the Indigenous Pueblo lifestyle, Leon constantly attempts to retain his Indigenous identity. When ever Leon and Ken discover their Grandfather dead inside the arroyo, they will immediately perform the Local Pueblo traditions. The customs included the painting of their grandfather’s deal with, tying a feather to his locks, wrapping him in a reddish colored blanket, and tossing cornmeal into the blowing wind. By doing these traditions, they “[keep] the family ¦ and clan together (Silko, “Language 766), showing the great importance they hold upon their very own cultural philosophy. When copying grandfather Teofilo back into community, Leon and Ken deceivingly tell Dad Paul that “[Teofilo] won’t [be herding sheep] any more now,  (Silko, “Man 50), in an attempt to hide their particular grandfather’s death to escape the Catholic traditions being forced after him.

Although Leon efforts to keep his Native personality, he ultimately acclimates to his Catholic surroundings. This individual asks Father Paul to incorporatethe o water practice in conjunction with the Local American funeral. Leon exclaims that this individual “is cheerful [about] the sprinkling of the holy normal water,  since now his grandfather can “send all of them big thunderclouds,  (Silko, “Man 52), just as he has wished earlier inside the story. During the process of the Catholic ritual, even Father Paul “is told of some thing,  (Silko, “Man 52), in regards to a interconnection between the two cultures beliefs. The flowing of the ay water exhibits a metaphor. The metaphor demonstrates, that if one finds similarities between distinct cultures, to be able to accept the idea into your personal way of thinking, becomes much easier.

When ever cultures wage war, their beliefs hold an inclination to influence one another. Yet , the original philosophy and beliefs must be stored noticeable, or maybe the roots of the tradition may pass away out. Silko’s explanation inches[Cultures], lead us together, irrespective of great ranges between [them],  (Silko, “Language 772), demonstrates the different values people withhold brings us jointly. Although the House of worship attempts to influence Leon’s family, and Leon attempts to keep the id of his beliefs, they eventually acknowledge to form what may be termed as a new form of Descuido culture.

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