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That they don’t want to deal with people; they would like to do business with them” (Dos Passos 21). However , he shortly learns regarding America, specifically what it means to be poor in the usa. He explains to Emile and Marco, “It’s the same around the globe, the police defeating us up, rich people cheating all of us out of their starvation pay, and having fault? inch (Dos Passos 37). Of all the book’s personas, it seems like Congo gets the least drive and desire, and yet he is one of few that gain the most inside the novel, strictly by his own diligence and determination.

He seems to become more embittered about staying poor while the publication progresses, actually he says this individual wants to become an American citizen but will do not fight in the war because it is just a method to stop revolution of the working man around the world (Dos Passos 227). However , Congo really does come to understand capitalism in the us. He turns into a very good bootlegger during Prohibition, a millionaire the truth is. He succeeds while so many others in the novel fail, and this is part of his education regarding America. From the foreign country, he has the capacity to look at America with unclouded eyes, and he can find what functions for people and what does not. He genuinely becomes reborn in America, signing up for the brand Armand Duval, and that is as a result of his achievement. Jimmy amounts up Congo’s success when he says, “The difference between you and me is that you’re growing the cultural scale, Armand, and I am going down'” (Dos Passos 383). This is true, in fact it is a theme from the novel, as well. Congo’s accomplishment has made him a great man, who has not really forgotten his roots or perhaps his good friends. That can not be said for all the characters through this dark book, so Congo, one of the least promising heroes early on, provides learned his lessons regarding America well, and provides put them to very great use.

five. One personality says, “I ain’t a Jew forget about. This isn’t Russian federation. ” How can this statement illustrate the speaker’s thought of America?

The speaker’s concept of America is yet another underlying subject of the novel. Frequently , there is racism expressed by white individuals who sounds incredibly similar to transactions made today about immigrants. Dos Passos writes, “City’s overrun with kikes and low Irish, that is what’s the situation with that… In ten years a Christian won’t be capable of make a living… I tell you the Catholics plus the Jews are likely to run us out of the own country, that’s what they are going to do” (Dos Passos 101). The speaker says that his idea of America is what many immigrants believe when they come to this region – they are no longer a race, faith, or nationality, they are just part of the shedding pot that is America. Yet , as the racist overtones of the novel indicate, this may not be the case by any means. There is prejudice in America, and Dos Passos refers to that again and again through the entire novel, coming from persecution of Irish, and simply about any kind of immigrant the town center, to a character’s statement early in the novel. She says, “I couldn’t let him know we occupied the Bronx, could I? He’d have believed we were Jews and more than likely have leased us the apartment'” (Dos Passos 42). There is pressure between the contests, which indicates there is misunderstanding and distrust together, as well.

While the character thinks he is will no longer Jewish if he comes to America, it fact, he may locate he turns into more Legislation as he works out the roadways and businesses of New You are able to, because he will certainly face persecution and racism. Immigrants such as this person came to this country hoping for new options, and many, just like Congo, found them and capitalized about them. However , many more faced the uncertain futures of many with the characters with the novel – even Jimmy. They emerged here with dreams and ambition, and are beaten down by racism and low income. Emile, the cabinboy who have convinces Congo to come to America is a perfect case. He is the one with desire, and yet, this individual ends up serving Congo because his “cook, ” a twist which is not entirely unforeseen in this exceptional

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