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Young vs . old.

Death versus eternal existence. The positive associated with societys

pressure versus the unfavorable. Marge Piercys Barbie Girl doll and Dick

Schneiders Youths Progress can be a study inside the themes described

above. There are plenty of obvious similarities in the date structure and

irony in the two works.

Yet , the reader will discover that there are more

thought-provoking contrasts than in the beginning meet the attention. Not surprisingly, the

poems follow the natural course of chronological time: beginning to end, young

to old. The two poems occur with labor and birth, continue throughout the growing up

years, nevertheless do not exceed adulthood. The separation of stanzas in both works

indicates a fresh stage of life, although Piercy leaves the reader to guess the

actual associated with the girlchild in Barbie Doll.

The reader will certainly note

that a major theme of both poetry is the long lasting effect of outside pressure upon

the subjects via birth. Piercy employs the stylistic unit of paradox throughout

the entirety of her composition. It required the magic of puberty for a child to

point out the negative aspects of a physical body. A healthy, smart and

strong woman is compelled simply by society to bustle from side to side apologizing

apologizing for declining to mirror the image of the Barbie-like woman the earth

seems to need.

Although she attempts to escape these objectives by cutting off hergreat big nose and fat legs, in her death the woman is exhibited in

her casket, cosmetic makeup products painted as well as a beautiful turned-up putty nostril. Finally

your woman fits the mold cut for her by society. Our way of life has hardly improved

since a wheel 1st whetted a knife. Although Youths Improvement

chronicles the expansion of the subject matter with certain years and ages, Barbie

Doll simply accounts for the passing of the time in a story-tellers fashion of


Barbie Toy ends with the tragedy of your woman who also, because the girl

didnt live up to the impractical standard designed for her, places to

committing suicide. Youths Progress concludes with all the exhortation of public

approval and the feeling of everlasting life as a swap for submitting to the

informal rules of social popularity, eager to in shape the form. To some, the

immortalized existence of Schneider is preferable to the tragic fatality of Piercys

girlchild Fresh versus outdated. Death versus eternal existence.

Good effects of

societys pressure compared to negative. The course a life will need is

finally decided by the individual, the sum of his options and reactions to

the cards treated to him by Existence. The choice is yours.


Bowland, Eavan.

Its a Womans Universe, 1982.

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