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Advantages Generally marketing deals with selling and buying a services or products. And consumer behavior is a branch of marketing deals with the procedure that the customer purchase or perhaps do not choose the products and services (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). For the retailers and everything other businesses consumer behavior is analyzed to get identifying essential successful web marketing strategy.

Marketing strategy is the combination of product, price, promotion, channel of distribution and market segmentation (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). There are many factors that affect the buyer behavior for buying a product or services. And for making good strategic advertising decisions any kind of firms or perhaps organizations need to understand those factors like cultural, specific, organizational and so forth (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Examining consumer behavior become very important for this competitive world. To get gaining competitive advantage it’s important to offer more value to the consumer than the opponents (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006).

In accordance to Quester, Pettigrew and Hawkins (2006), customer value means the differences between the benefit they get from the products as well as the cost that they can spend for attaining those goods. Quester, Pettigrew and Hawkins (2006) emphasize that supplying best consumer value largely requires the firms to react instant to customer needs faster than opponents. This dissertation is based on an instance study with three concerns. And these three concerns will be talked about simultaneously.

Initially question is based on describing the situational affects that would affect the customer decisions for buying a products and services. Second question is dependent on the case that Kate really wants to purchase a surprise for her boyfriend’s birthday and identify the three situational influences that impact the Kate’s purchasing decisions. And the third query is talking about the key marketing strategy by which a marketer might be able to utilize the situation to a marketplace specific form of products or brands. Query 1: Answer As declares before that question is based on describing the situational impact on that impacts the customer decisions for purchasing products.

Any organizations or companies have to understand that which situations is affecting the customer obtaining decision with their products or services and just how the marketers could provide the best when ever those conditions arise (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Marketers actions should be designed in the context of the condition the consumer faces which effect the customers for choosing the product once MKT510: Customer Behavior M. M. Tamim 2 IDENTIFICATION: 11511633 they face this kind of situation (Foxal & Yani-de-Soriano, 2005).

A consumer’s selections are affected by numerous personal influences such as feeling and if there exists limitation of the time for purchase etc . Now-a-days folks are using electronic source pertaining to the initial details for purchasing these products (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007). Concerning consumer behavior a number of endeavors have been built to classify the situations as well as the classification have been made by Russel Belk (Belk, 1975). Relating to Belk there are five types of situation that influence customers’ decisions. They are physical environment, social natural environment, temporal perspective, task classification and predecessor states (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006).

Physical natural environment include the precise location of the store, room decoration, smell, sound system, lamps, visible environment of the elements to the government object (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Those environment can considerably influence ingestion of the client and can encourage to approaching the store repeatedly. (Solomon, Dann, & RusselBennett, 2007). Social environment as well affects customer motives for choosing products or perhaps usage of items. In a customer environment if there are large numbers of people present then it may increase levels of arousal.

For example , within a store in the event that there are many people present then immediately arouses another consumer for purchasing products from that store (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007). Temporal elements is the period constraints for a customer. Sometimes consumer could situation for buying with restriction of time that also influences the consumer buying decision. Relative to past or perhaps future function for the situation time may also be measured (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Task classification includes the intention concerning purchase the products or requirements to select a store or items.

For example , customer behaves in a different way when they buy items for gift idea compared to getting for themselves (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007). For considering the purchase of products client mood or physiological circumstances at the time of obtain may have huge impact for making decisions (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007). Between those five influences let’s elaborate on two situational impact on. They are temporal factors and task classification.

Temporal factors are situational influences which deal with time that available for purchase. The availability of time for purchasing the merchandise has a big impact to the customers (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). In that context, the information search will be short if the time is limited plus the use of short information will be made some suboptimal purchase (Sim & Goh, 1998).

As being a situational affect time has a bug influence to the customer shopping for decision. MKT510: Consumer Tendencies M. M. Tamim a few ID: 11511633 For example , the consumers are much less like to visit any chain store if they have limited time but if they are really not time pressured they wish to visit even more (Kenhove & Wulf, 2000). The number of merchandise alternatives will be smaller for the time constraints.

For this the rand name loyalty may be increased for many customers. (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Some 4 corners store and convenience shop are the good considering now factors being a situational impacts. Task definition means the explanation for purchasing a product or impacts the shopping for decision. The key reason why may vary to different buyers and user jobs performed by the individual (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006).

For example , present giving can be general purpose but gift idea giving in occasion is specific reason that influence the behavior of the buying a product (Ruth, Otnes, & Brunel, 1999). Generally persons increase their buy in specific occasions. Ideal marketers understand these patterns of scenarios in which people more usually buy (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007).

For example , in promotional actions bookstores commit heavily intended for the business lead up to Xmas because so many people are tend to buy books as Christmas present and to stock to get reading these people during summer time holidays (Solomon, Dann, & RusselBennett, 2007). Question a couple of: Answer Kate is unable to make a decision and wants to buy her boyfriend a smart phone to his birthday and she was running out of time. The three situational impact on that affect Kate’s purchasing decision are task classification, temporal factors and social surroundings. Job definition since told just before is the factors that affect the customer to acquire a product or services (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007).

And the explanation could be standard and specific like surprise giving in a occasion in which also affect the ordering patterns (Ruth, Otnes, & Brunel, 1999). In this case the task is specific which the birthday of Kate’s boyfriend. However people experience their needs of products or providers for purpose whether it’s general or perhaps specific. In this instance, Kate truly feel need for investing in a product for giving present to her partner in his birthday.

So in respect to Ruth, Otnes and Brunel (1999), the task was specific for Kate for purchasing the smart mobile phone. Temporal elements as situational influences include the availability of coming back purchasing any kind of product (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Here Kate had very limited time for making decision though the birthday of her partner was very near. Your woman had two options that MKT510: Customer Behavior Meters.

M. Tamim 4 IDENTITY: 11511633 if to buy iphone 5 apple or The samsung company Galaxy SIII. As offered before that less time provides less details for making decision (Belk, 1975). So Kate had to come to a decision so the lady couldn’t consider the information perfectly and the girl had to select smart phone at random from the presented two options.

Last situational influences that affect the Kate’s decision is social natural environment which means the existence of other people who could have an affect on the individuals consumer’s tendencies (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Taking into consideration behavior sociable influence is very significant considering that the individuals behavior is visible and they tend incorporate with group expectations (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006).

In this case Kate has limited time for making decision that she got two options that iphone 5 information which is suggested by her boyfriends’ years as a child friend who have knew John’s personality very well as well his character and another option is Samsung Galaxy SIII which is recommended by the salesmen who will be expert in smart phone. Buying and consuming goods in public is highly noticeable activity which has several social influences other folks (Shim & Eastlick, 1998). Though the shopping for patterns of Kate has not been so remarkably visible activity like buying and consuming goods in public places rather it was individual shopping for decision.

Even though Kate experienced limited a chance to decide whether what to get then the girl asked for suggestion in two people one was sales person and another was friend of John that they have impacts for buying smartphone. Question a few: Answer In modern competition marketers have to give more quality to the customer out-do the opponents (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Consumer value are the differences between the benefits they receive and the costs they spend for getting that advantage. So considering the circumstance marketers need to serve best to the consumer for choosing product (Solomon, Dann, & Russel-Bennett, 2007).

Marketing Strategy is definitely the combination of merchandise, price, distribution and campaign which emphasize a particular selection of customers (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). So using these essential marketing strategies a marketer can utilize the scenario to market a unique brand and product type by understanding consumer habit. Lets identify the three essential marketing strategies that how a marketer might be able to use situation for a specific form of product. Merchandise type and quality is very important for the marketer.

Nevertheless , thousands of new items are introduced in the marketplace annually. So marketer need to satisfied customer MKT510: Consumer Tendencies M. M. Tamim a few ID: 11511633 by their items for good business (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Also internet marketer needs to examine and understand the needs and requirements of potential customer in which marketer may give the required item in this kind of situation for the potential customer (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006).

Price is another marketing strategy and marketing combine as well. A marketer needs to understand buyer behavior to be able to structure it properly (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Such as a company looking for high quality brand and for this kind of the price ought to be high.

Therefore , if the concentrate on customer feels that price-quality relationship. And so considering the target market situation price might be organized (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006). Marketing activities are another important term for the merchandise. By high quality campaign buyer might be convinced for buying that product. At any occasion or perhaps festival online marketer could provide new offers for the buyer that might influence the obtaining process (Foxal & Yani-de-Soriano, 2005).

For example , any present shops or bookshops dedicate more in promotional actions before Xmas that lead the people for choosing products or perhaps books to get gift as they intend to acquire (Solomon, Danach, & Russel-Bennett, 2007). Thus considering task definition being a situational influences marketer could use these marketing activities. Realization Understanding of client behavior will certainly make the long term accomplishment for the products (Quester, Pettigrew, & Hawkins, 2006).

And to be successful it’s very important to be familiar with customer tendencies considering the different situational impact on (Belk, 1975). In this composition the theories of situational influences that affect their particular buying decision is discussed and after three of the situational influences is definitely described in the case of Kate who was struggling to make the best buy. In addition to last issue how internet marketer might be able to make use of situation in aspects of applying key web marketing strategy is defined. It is easy to realize that how situation could affect the ordering decision method by this dissertation.

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