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Russian traditions compared to the culture found in Brazil is as distinct as night and day, yet the business environment in both countries offers one of a kind opportunities pertaining to expansion and marketing for aggressive firms. Accordingly, there are risks and drawbacks to establishing a new business in the two countries, yet there are also advantages and rewards. Some of the positive aspects in every market range from the fact that The ussr is likely to present potential investors with a society comprised of an old, more established citizenry that is comfortable with working extended, hard hours at repetitious jobs. Brazil, on the other hand, may provide a more vibrant, more youthful society filled with workers (both male and female) who would like to rapidly approach upward. Curiously enough though, recent and “numerous study of small peopleattest to a very strong dispositionto obtain a higher education, to find self-realization, to build a profession and accomplish financial freedom without consider to their personal and family life” (Stuchevskaia, 2011, pp. 35/36) in both Russian federation and Brazil.

The workers are certainly not the only big difference between the communities. Indeed, all those workers are also the very same consumers that the company attempts to market the merchandise to (which leads to some intriguing inquiries as to which in turn country will be best suited for the different marketing approaches available). Marketing will probably be addressed additional in this conventional paper, there are still other areas of business culture that need to be discussed. One such area is the fact that that each region presents potential investors using a widely diverse economical photo. One analyst, Carlos Gomes with Scotia Capital, believes that the economies should present opportunities down the road but that “Russia very likely has the the most fragile outlook among the BRIC international locations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) because of weak population” (Watson, 2009, p. 37).

In the event that one is likely to establish a continuing business concern in a international country, you are likely to likely would like to establish the company in a region that gives a long-term vibrancy that bodes well for preliminary, current and future product sales and expansion, not a region that is prone to continue to get a declining human population base and lower sales and expansion possibilities. Some of the other issues business’ might want to consider for new markets are the language barriers presented by simply each independent country. As you expert recently explained “poor language expertise, the use of slang or idioms, unexplained acronyms and initials, as well as methods of doing it right by uttering simple and short sentences inside the active tone, building sympathy and grinning when talking with others” (Watson, 2009, l. 37) all make perfect sense when attempting to establish new items or new markets in otherwise unexplored territories. In accordance to Watson, “cultural dissimilarities should be minded” (p. 37) otherwise

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