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Discuss the representation with the north and south of England, inside the channel 5 episode of wife exchange featuring the Sprys and Bardsleys.  Wife swap is a recent system broadcast in Channel some where two wives with different families transfer to one anothers home for a little while. It allures 5, 500, 000 landscapes. I am going to appearance, in particular, at the episode featuring the Spry family and the Bardsley relatives. Interestingly, these types of families will be portrayed while very different. The Sprys happen to be from the Southern region of Great britain and the Bardsleys are from your North. With this essay, I am going to discuss the representations from the North and South searching at the typical stereotype t people immediately associate North and Southern with, question why probably people believe these views and how they obtain these people.

Representation is the way persons, places, issues and situations are portrayed in the multimedia. A belief is a repeated representation. In the episode My spouse and i am taking a look at of Partner swap the North and South of England is consistently being displayed. Everyone has a stereotype shaped of the actual believe the North and South are like. When I think of the North I do believe of poor education, males with beer bellies- extremely manly and sort of tough looking, domestics wife taking care of lots of kids, pubs, socialising, lots of gossiping, children playing on the roads, no excessive fashion, undersirable climate, small terraced houses, a true sense of community and overall a parochial culture. But this may not be necessarily the case. I believe the media gives this idea of the north to me by things that I have watched on television. Cases of this will be the film Billy Elliott plus the soap Emmerdale. I think they are very unoriginal of the North and have painted a picture to my way of thinking of how the I perceive the north to be.

Better half swap Personally i think does concern this belief slightly in this Lizzie Bardsley, it could be asserted, is portrayed as a bad mother. The girl doesnt the actual housework, the girl cooks awful food on her behalf children, the girl smokes, swears and essentially challenges the idealist watch of how a mother must be. However , the gossipy, up-front side of Lizzie (Im a gobby cow! ) I believe is very stereotypical. As well, I feel that Tag Bardsley will not fit the stereotype with the typical Upper man both as we understand, much to his disappointment, that he in-fact really does all the home chores and cooks pertaining to the family members. We are more likely to assume that the Northern family is more traditional and that it is the woman who handles the house and children.

On the other hand, when I think of the typical South of England stereotypes they are pretty many. I believe a lot of people instantly think of middle school, semi-detached properties, good education, office jobs, suits, independent women, substantial fashion, a great elegant/glamorous life-style, bars, effeminate men, snobby attitudes and a world where everybody keeps to themselves. I believe that this stereotype of the Southern region is depicted through wife swap regularly. Collin Spry is delighted to prepare for his family and do the housework when his little princess Emma sits.

We are with all this idea of the father taking on a historically female part in the family members, which I truly feel is certainly not challenging societies ideologies as it is almost represented as fine in the South, however , inside the North I would say that Mark Bardsley dealing with a traditionally woman is arguably frowned upon as it problems the typical belief of the Upper man. There is also a shot we could shown sometimes of Emma reading journals on the couch while Collin is setting up dinner and I think this is an excellent example of representation construction since it is the mise-en-scene that gives this kind of strong reinforcement of the standard stereotype with the Southern household- shared position and more effeminate men.

The representation construction is created by the clever utilization of music, terminology, dress, camera angles and the mise-en-scene. The Bardsleys have on very t-shirt and trainers such as tracksuits, however the Sprys wear wise trousers and formal surfaces, which is a wonderful contrast. I do believe this is to excercise the viewers stereotypes and represent the North and South accordingly to them. I think the representations are aimed at route 4s audience, which I believe is the community audience consisting of youths (aged between 15-25), disabled people, ethnic minorities and also maybe homosexuals. Channel 4 draws in audiences which might be most valuable to advertisers, the young, improved light audiences and those consumers who are likely to be the earliest adopters of recent technologies and services.

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