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In class all of us learned about product life cycles and exactly how the product life cycle lets us know how the system is doing on the market. A product experiences four stages in the product life cycle and they are generally introduction, progress, maturity, and decline. In the introduction stage the company helps bring about the product to be able to create recognition. In the growth stage the sales and profits maximize. In the maturity stage the majority of the profit is definitely earned in this stage and competitors happen to be established.

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In the decline stage the revenue decline and profits as well go down. In this stage the organization could choose to cut off the product as well.

The IPhone 4s is currently in the maturity stage in addition to many rivals that the I phone has to handle right now. Only to name a couple of Samsung Galaxy S II HD, Galaxy Note, HTC Sensation 4G, and Motorola Droid. Nowadays in this stage Apple has to handle all the competition that We’ve listed and the market share goes down along with earnings.

The reason why I say that is because when it comes to technology people want to buy the latest issue and if Apple isn’t changing there mobile phone or software program for the product then they will lose customers due to new-technology and computer software on the other telephones. When the IPhone first was released it was forever in the growth stage because it didn’t have any competitors as well as the sales had been always increasing because everyone wanted one. But that didn’t previous because rivals came out with touchscreen display phone that have been cheaper then your IPhone.

As of at the moment the initially IPhone is definitely the decline stage because they will no longer make sure they are and no application updates are available as well. Intended for the Iphone 4 to stay in the maturity it should come out with an application update. Apple is currently taking care of IOS six which is coming this land and its gonna have features that will make this easier for people who have disabilities to use the devices. One other app that got current was Maps, which will today give you turn-by-turn spoken directions, interactive 3D IMAGES view, and a new flyover feature will assist you to see key metro areas from an airplane. It will also have an additional new iphone app called Passbook that will store your boarding passes, video tickets, retail coupons, dedication cards in the phone. As well new contacting feature that could let you answer with a text message or collection a callback reminder as you decline a call. And many other features that are going to end up being new or perhaps improved in IOS six, which will established upthe IPhone 4S to continue to become on the maturity stage. Something else they could do in order to stay in the maturity stage is reduce the price from the IPhone 4S that can increase sales and revenue.

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