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In the opening of chapter 2, the ranch is usually presented in an exceedingly poor condition. As George and Lennie enter the ‘bunk house’, they immediately think uncomfortable and hostile because of the extremely poor lack of cleanliness and level of privacy of where they may be expected to sleeping while working away at the hacienda. This is displayed when George finds a great insect repellent in the bed, and asks Candies “What on earth kinda bed you providing us. This shows the living conditions on the ranch, and Candy’s response insinuates that precautions such as keeping pest repellents had been common.

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When Candy indicates to George and Lennie their beds, George feels insulted about find his mattress is actually a “sack of straw, in response to George’s outburst, Candies tries to make him feel comfort when mentioning the cleanliness in the ‘blacksmith’ that previously existed on that bed, and just how he accustomed to “wash his hands after and before meals. By simply mentioning this kind of, shows that this is an unordinary way to live in comparison to the everyday way of life of a man on a ranch, in which this adds to the semantic field of poor cleanliness.

Steinbeck likewise presents George as very to the dirty ranch workers as he “made his bed up nicely with blankets. Life for the ranch is usually presented as being very simple and basic while the ranch workers have zero luxury of any kind because they simply cannot find the money for it because of the fact they are ‘trapped’ in a routine of poverty, where on the other hand they get compensated for their work, and on the other hand, they have to pay the ranch owner for their substandard living quarters. That they only have the bare essentials so we see as George places on the apple kennel for a shelf ‘his razor and a bar of soap, his comb and bottle of pills’.

The life span the workers survive the hacienda consist of success, which is why the employees use journals etc . to see all about people who have beautiful lives, planning to live in the hope with the American Dream. One of the major styles that Steinbeck presents in the novel contains loneliness and despair, which is repeatedly displayed throughout the section, in the motif ‘Solitaire’. This one player cards game is incredibly significant mainly because it represents the personality, personality and pessimistic behaviour of George and the other workers.

They are close to company, however they think isolated because they don’t feel the need for a friendly relationship as they feel that they shall be separated in future due to the not enough job reliability. We can view that racism is approved and normalised by life on the ranch, we know this because the key character, George repeatedly uses the term ‘nigger’. Blacks were also treated incredibly harshly in the early 1930’s in America while racial discrimination was not unlawful and blacks were seperated from the white wines, and had been treated while second category citizens, as a result they were provided lower income than light workers and were told to do the dirtier jobs.

An example of the harsh environment that black persons had to are in is stated in the history the old swamper told in regards to a previous Holiday where that they beat up a ‘nigger’ exclusively for the fun of this. Also the disability and inequalities of men and women were also cared for inhospitably within the life with the ranch. Steinbeck continually manifests the de-humanisation of Lennie and how he’s rated below the standard with the ‘normal’ employees due to his mental disease.

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