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Michael Vey: The Prisoner Cell

The book is Eileen Vey: The Prisoner Cell 25, authored by Richard Paul Evans. This is certainly a scientific research fiction history intended for youngsters; the plot of this history involves Jordan Vey, a teenage son with Tourette’s syndrome although gifted with electrical powers.

The electric powers that Michael – a fourteen-year-old high school scholar – finds within him self give him an extraordinary gift but these powers also cause Eileen serious sociable / personal issues and cause extreme scrutiny that plague him. A cheerleader named Taylor also has these electrical powers, and visitors learn that both Michael and Taylor were born in the same hospital. In time, an evil group that wants to control Michael’s and Taylor’s capabilities and puts their nasty plans to work, creating solid discord in this book.

Thesis Declaration

Adolescents anywhere in the world – during their high school years – generally can be terrible to guy students that are a little diverse, a little strange, or perhaps nerdy, which social truth in Michael’s high school experience – in addition to the fact that having been punished while the victim – can be described as fortuitous (albeit sad) starting for the plot to formulate. Readers of young adult stories arrive to expect that the family member in the life with the protagonist – often the dad and mom, or just the mother – will backup the protagonist when points go bad, although Michael rejected his mother that prospect. Greed and evil are themes in fictional stories, but dark wickedness at times is offered in clinically understated story vis-a-vis Dr . Hatch and his nefarious acquaintances at Elgen Academy.

Body of the Record

Cruelty happens to Tourette’s-afflicted Eileen in high school not just because bullies get a chance to ply their brutal operate on him but also when the punishment for an insidious act against him is stopped at upon him and not on the perpetrator. The moment Jack Vranes locked Michael in his locker for the other time in a month, and the custodian dragged him down to Mr. Dallstrom’s workplace, Michael explained: “It was your second period that month I’d been called to his business office for some thing someone else do to me. Mr. Dallstrom was big about punishing the victim” (8). It was wholly outrageous to have been stuffed into his locker; however it was much more unconscionably cruel when the naive principal deposits even more pain on Michael jordan.


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