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All we have to do is definitely kill him, take the diamond and cash, then leave. Gaspard Caderousse looks at his wife with a gleam in his eye. The rogue thinks about what happens if he lets his wife the actual arduous job of killing the jewelry expert. He previously had viewed the jewelers two pistols. She would dash in to the jewelers room and stab the jeweler, the jeweler will shoot and kill her. All Caderousse would have to carry out is go upstairs, guarantee the jeweler is definitely dead, find the diamond, come downstairs, collect the banknotes and keep with the precious stone and cash. All of this is going through Gaspard Caderousses mind before he does his plan to take each of the money as well as the diamond. It would appear that people can do almost anything for money. The power of profit the affairs of humans is a main theme in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Cash affects also poor males in The Count number of Mazo Cristo. Gaspard Caderousse is one of these males. At the beginning of the book Edmond Dantes comes home by a trip within the Pharaon and visits his fathers home. Almost the moment Dantes recognizes his father he says, Whats the matter daddy? You never look well. (7) His father says that his next door neighbor, Caderousse, required him to pay off an old loan among him and Edmond. The loathsome Caderousse doesnt proper care that if he takes the money via Old Dantes while his son is usually away he wont have enough money left to have and he will most likely deprive to loss of life. All Caderousse cares about is money. He could be willing to destroy someone for cash, he lies for it also. This happens later in the novel following Edmond Dantes has escaped from prison. Disguised since Abbe Busoni, Dantes comes to Caderousses Inn and tells Caderousse that he is the person to carry out Edmond Dantes will certainly. The Holy joe Busoni provides a diamond and he is to split up among Edmond Dantes only five true friends. Caderousse tries to produce it appear as if he is the only real good friend and is the worse away even though, in fact, he might not be Edmonds real friend. This individual lies frequently claiming being an honest gentleman just therefore he can find the whole diamonds. He has got the whole diamonds by lying down repeatedly. Later, he gets his cash by blackmailing someone. This individual blackmails Hazel Calvacanti, Benedetto, in order to get cash. He is able to blackmail Andrea as they knows his real brand and about his past. At first, Caderousse requests smaller numbers of money. Staying the money grubbing man he could be, he asks for more and more funds until eventually he convinces Hazel to engage in the robbing of the Rely of Mucchio Cristos home. Caderousses avarice for money gets him murdered in the end and he understands his real enemy is usually not Edmond Dantes, but money.

Money appears to affect possibly well to complete people. They may have enough money to do well at life, nevertheless they want increasingly more. One of these people is Heloise de Villefort, the wife of Edmond Dantes enemy, Monsieur sobre Villefort. Her greed for cash is what, to begin with, causes her to possibly think about conspiring against her family members. If the Count of Monte Cristo is conversing with her regarding poison the lady seems incredibly educated about this. She says items that the Rely of Monte Cristo is aware most women dont know. She knows about brucine and what can perform to a person. She recognizes it deliver her child back to awareness when he faints, but knows that much larger portions can easily eliminate a person. When the Count of Monte Cristo is usually leaving the lady asks for a bottle of brucine and she gets it the very next day. After your woman plots against her family members she chooses to take action. The lady knows that most of her sons grandfathers cash will go with her stepdaughter, Valentine, unless something happens. Valentine grandparents and Valentine must die. Following your Count of Monte Cristo introduced thinking about poisoning into her brain she understood what to do. Your woman decides the lady must focus on Monsieur de Saint-Meran. The lady poisons him and he dies. Madame de Saint-Meran comes to the Villeforts house and statements she is sick after her husbands loss of life. She dead soon after plus the doctor says she passed away of grief, but she could have been diseased because the indications of tetanus and those of poisoning by plant matter, will be absolutely identical. (243) After, Valentine falls ill and Madame sobre Villefort considers she has effectively killed Valentine off but the Count of Monte Cristo saves her. Madame de Villefort considers that all of her troubles relating to money and her child Edouard will be over once Valentine supposedly dies, however , later in the novel Dame de Villefort finds out the actual result of her greed happens to be. Monsieur sobre Villefort discovers that his wife is a one who wiped out most of his family and his calloused general public prosecutor area orders her to commit suicide and so justice could be paid. He coerces her into thinking that killing very little will be greater than the mortifying humiliation with the scaffold and it will not ruin their name. He leaves the house and comes back afterwards. When he makes its way into the house he sees the dolorous landscape of his wife great son lifeless.

Persons would think that a man with an extremely immense fortune will escape the power of money. Although the eminent Count number of Monte Cristo includes a lot of money he’s captured by power of it. He will help the people who also try to exonerate him during his jail time with the benefits of money. Among the people he helps away is Chriatian Morrel. Chriatian Morrel with the business of trading above water. His business is definitely not doing very well if the Count of Monte Cristo comes to succor him. Actually his organization is almost for the point of bankruptcy. Monsieur Morrel will commit committing suicide because of his loss of money. Disguised since Simbad the Sailor, Edmond Dantes offers him cash and a diamond to pay every one of his financial obligations. Using his money beneficently sounds pretty cozy and great, however , this individual also uses his money to vanquish those who are his adversaries. One of these people can be Monsieur para Villefort. Villefort is the community prosecutor who also put Dantes in jail without correct. He only put Dantes in imprisonment to prevent his own be derived from being destroyed by his father. Dantes figures this kind of out and he triggers Villefort to shed everyone he loves exactly like Villefort would to him. First Dantes plants the idea in Villeforts wifes go to poison her family members. When Madame de Villefort toxins Madame and Monsieur de Saint-Meran and Valentine, Chriatian de Villefort finds out it is his partner who has wiped out all of his loved ones. This individual orders her to dedicate suicide and she comes after his requests. Even though your woman apprehensively follows her husbands orders she also kills her son and takes among Villeforts last loved ones. The past image we see of Villefort is him digging in his garden for the body of his son thats not presently there. Realizing that Villeforts gone upset, Edmond Dantes recoils in terror. (404) Having a fortune does not usually bring pleasure. The Count of Mucchio Cristo has more than a lot of cash, yet it doesnt take him pleasure. The only thing that provides him pleasure is Haydee. All through the novel we see her assist with the Is important plans of revenge, but that is not for what reason she brings him delight. He ardently loves her and the lady loves him. At the end in the novel the final image of all of them is collectively on the darker blue series separating the sky in the Mediterranean (441) sailing apart to pleasure.

Finally, money is not just a concern in materials. It is also a significant key to present day life. Persons still may control things with funds. For example , Mrs. Mary Anne Jenkins is a very wealthy girl. She can very easily bribe people. A particular person the girl bribes can be Mr. Larry Jones, a stockbroker, who also gives her insider details every Friday at midday. No one grabs her, but if they did the girl could give me them money so they will wouldnt inform. Things like the example previously mentioned happen inside the Count of Monte Cristo. The power of profit the affairs of human beings is a predominant theme in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.


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