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Me: Exactly why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith?

Moses: The book of my personal people may be the Bible. The Bible builds on the Torah by adding the reports and teachings of Jesus.

Jesus: My people’s book is a Torah. The Torah can be comprised of the first a few books of what Christian believers call this Testament.

Muhammed: My people reverance both the Hebrew and the Christian Bible but consider the Quran to be the latest, and many accurate, revelation. Muslims across the globe memorize and recite the Quran in Arabic.

Me: What is the Ay book of the faith, and exactly how does it beat others?

Moses: My holy book is definitely the Torah.

Jesus: My own holy book is the Holy book.

Muhammed: My o book is a Quran.

Me: Exactly how are the basic beliefs of your hope similar to the other monotheistic faiths?

Moses: I was a telepathist of God, Food taboos, Fasting, Monotheistic, Soul, Commandments, Afterlife.

Jesus: Resurrection of Christ, Fasting, Monotheistic, Soul, Best practices, Afterlife, Sabbath.

Muhammed: Im a prophet of God, Five pillars, Meals Taboos, Going on a fast, Monotheistic, Soul, Commandments, Remainder, Sabbath.

Me: How are the basic beliefs of your trust different from the other monotheistic faiths?

Moses: My main God is usually God, my place of praise is church, my image a Combination, my Local clergy Priest, Preacher, Bishop, Père. Premise and Beliefs God loves and cares for his people, Contains them responsible for sins and shortcomings, Love everyone since God adores His people, Jesus is a Messiah (Savior and Kid of The almighty who passed away for man’s sins) Heaven/Hell, Purgatory. My own Practices Stick to God’s commandments, Rejection of wealth and privilege when confronted with Roman persecution.

Jesus: My key God can be Yahweh, my place of worship synagogue, my personal symbol the star of David, my own Clergy Rabbi. Premise and Beliefs Yahweh loves and cares for his people, Holds them responsible for sins and shortcomings, No clear perspective of the what bodes, A meaning life through obedience of God’s rules. My Methods I Focus on this lifestyle, Live ethically and comply with Yahweh’s commandments.

Muhammed: My significant God can be Allah, my personal place of worship is Mosque, my sign the New-moon and legend, my Local clergy Prophet. Assumption and Morals Submit to the will of Allah, Allah loves and cares for His people, Contains them accountable for sins/shortcomings, Paradise/Hell. My Techniques 5 Pillars of Islam, Faith, Prayer, Alms, Fast, Pilgrimage.

Me: How come you an essential figure to your respective faith? Moses: Many people say Judaism began with me at night. I led my persons out of Egypt, referred to as the Exodus, to the O Land. God gave me the Ten Best practices to share with my people, to show them how to live.

Jesus: I had been teaching the Ten Commandments, but some people saw me as being a threat to Roman secret. They imprisoned and crucified me. My personal disciples and followers, at this point called Christians, believe I used to be the promised messiah and this I was resurrected from the deceased.

Muhammed: I commenced receiving revelations in 610 CE and told my own people they needed to comply with and pray to one Goodness. They had recently been polytheists. My followers, called Muslims, still follow my personal teachings. Me personally: How are the religions depending upon how you will be descendants?

Moses: Im a descendent from both Isaac and Ishmael both Jews and Christian believers see their very own religion while emerging from Isaac. Internet marketing considered among the founders of Judaism and Christianity correspondingly.

Christ: Im a descendent via both Isaac and Ishmael both Jews and Christian believers see all their religion because emerging from Isaac. Im considered among the founders of Judaism and Christianity correspondingly.

Muhammed: I founded Islam. Muslims of Arabic descent track their root base to Abrahams other son, Ishmael.

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