Montana 1948 and the Abuse of Power Essay

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Inside the novel “Montana 1948” you observe a common concern that is about still inside our everyday lives.

This issue is the abuse of power and just how it leads to consequences that sometimes might be devastating. The truth is this inside our everyday lives with the Authorities and also often in are families throughout the nation. In the novel there are plenty of examples of this in the Hayden family. Wes, Frank and the father all are very strong due to their back ground. Wes Hayden who is the daddy of David (The Narrator) is the second generation of Hayden’s to become Sheriff uses his electricity for good items; Frank Hayden who is the brother of Wes is known as a war main character uses his power intended for bad things like rape, getting rid of and lying; and finally you could have Julian Hayden who is the daddy of Wes and Honest.

Some might say this individual used his power to advantage his family, but in actuality he shielded Frank with his power to allow the crimes increase. Julian Hayden is where abuse of power impact many people’s lives and ends up injuring his own family in the long run. Grand daddy Hayden’s file corruption error and misuse of electricity should be blamed for the tragedies.

First you find this out when David clarifies, “He wished, he required, power … He was a dominating man who drew sustenance and strength via controlling other folks. ” (Watson 20). Likewise when David visited Len after Marie’s death, Len talked to him about being a sheriff in Montana. He informed David, “You know what the granddad stated it means to become a peace expert in Montana?

It means knowing when to look and when to look aside. “(Watson 93). Len declaring this shows that to Julian, being the sheriff does not mean keeping justice and performing the right issue; instead it brings power and the right to hide the facts. Grandpa Hayden tolerated Outspoken for molesting Indian young ladies and utilized his forces to cover up for him.

This kind of gave Outspoken the ability to carry on and sexually attack girls without being punished. This also generated murder and Frank carrying out suicide, Wes having to leave town and Julian losing both of his sons. Out of this, we can see that corruption and power are reasons behind the disaster. This issue is very important because actually in today’s society you observe events such as this happen at all times. Some cases are even more severe because it’s for a much greater scale where it influences a whole country sometimes even makes history.

Such as with our govt today were continuously learning things the federal government tries and hide points from the citizens. Some of these issues include warrantless wire tapping, kidnapping and illegal detention and other govt secrecies that abuses electric power and also violates our rights as residents of the Unites States. This makes distrust in the government and chaos among the citizens. Celebrities, sports superstars and wealthy people are illustrations of showing how the mistreatment of electricity is used in our modern day culture. For example Ray Rice (Running Back through the Baltimore Ravens) violently attacked his Fiancée and completely knocked her out unconscious.

From this occurrence there should be several consequences to help him find out his lesson. Instead our judicial system allows prosperous people to keep doing these awful crimes and only being assessed a protocole fee. This kind of demonstrates just how corrupt and how the mistreatment of power is still extremely existent in not only government but also in people lives still today. Abuse of power is usually clearly proven in the new “Montana 1948”. This book simply displays how people all around the world have been dealing with the same problem for quite a while.

Mistreatment of power is problematic because the implications for this issue are disastrous and sometimes fatal. This is proven in “Montana 1948” and also in our every day lives. This problem will never be fixed if Power is given in people who can’t handle this; history will keep repeating by itself.

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