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This kind of paper seriously examines the affects of eCommerce in organisations and the significant regarding the technology. Many organisations are using the new technology to retain exceptional relationship with customers, as well as the significant growth of eCommerce software is mentioned and known in this newspaper.

This growth has increased numbers of security concerns and this paper sets out the security hazards that associates with e-commerce and explains a number of ways to take care of and reduce the risks. In this conventional paper, it is show how Cascading down Style Piece can be used to control the appearance and structure of the web-site, and also examine the use of open source reflective programming ‘languages’ mainly used to develop server-side app and dynamic web content. This paper also examines the application of open source MySQL database software and its ability to store, get and search data.

Simply by creating the web-site application, that shows just how Cascading Design Sheet may control the appearance and structure of web-sites, and PREFACE The purpose of this kind of project should be to describe the necessities of eCommerce, how it truly is conducted and managed as well as assessing its limitation, problems and risks. An e-commerce is an appealing topic and it curiosity people in government, educational, heath companies and other areas will enjoy the knowledge of e-commerce. Today eCommerce is going through a period of alter for new technology and ways to be adapted to approach implementation and profitability. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, my personal most ardent thanks visit the lord (Allah), for presented me power and understanding to complete this task.

Next, I thank my loved ones especially mother and father for exhibiting concern and often enquiring just how well I was doing and frequently asking after i was going to finish my job. Next can be my partner Shada Abood who has been the most supportive, enthusiastic and constantly looking to help to check my merchandise and recognizing any mistakes in this statement. I also thank my own supervisor Nigel Newbutt, who had been very encouraging and was there to advise myself when I a new family problem. Special thank you go to the technicians at Ruler William Laboratory; I love their support and valuable contribution.

Finally, I would like to thank my local freinds for understanding for being asocial to total this job.

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