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Ethical Decision Making, Theory Of Caring, Systems Development Existence Cycle, Affected person Privacy

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This is because in many health services, the data is kept in a uniform approach and the same is used for your forthcoming visit. According to the privacy legislation which pertains to medical practitioners, confidentiality and privacy of the individual should not be jeopardized at all times. Therefore, it is important that when utilizing health informatics, the management should admiration the fundamental legal rights of the affected person.


The national healthcare system can easily effectively boost its collaboration by taking on computer technology and strategies such as the smooth systems methodology. It is therefore essential for the government and the health care providers to participate efforts in creating a better national wellness informatics program.


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Personal view

In my opinion, I believe it is appropriate if the nationwide health strategy is coordinated so that all the members are equal partners. Generally there should also be a regulatory body system to take care of the virtual system; the regulating body must work according the State, national and local regulations. More study should be carried out in order to addresses issues of privacy and ethical concerns associated with the digital transfer of personal and extremely sensitive (identifying) data.

A: supportive evidence

A lot of evidence is available to suggest that the nationwide healthcare system lacks coordination; Some of these will be:

1 . The report by simply Dworkin (1997) that cited a lack of dexterity and methods in the nationwide healthcare program

2 . The effort of Brown, Isaacs, and Krinke (2007) on the require of assisting collaborative nationwide network for supporting nursing

3. A WHO (2008) that cited a general not enough coordination and collaboration the national health-related

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