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Nola Pender theory Health promo: background, Theoretical assertions offrande, concepts, Relevant nursing practice.

Nola Pender’s health promo model

Nola Pender’s health promotion style

Nola Pender’s model of wellness promotion was intended to address what Pingar saw being a deficit in existing breastfeeding theories, specifically the failure to promote wellness as well as treatment sickness. The Pender version defines well being as a positive and active state, not merely the a shortage of disease. Pingar identifies her rubric being a model, rather than meta-theory, and states that it can be complementary to a variety of nursing jobs disciplines and perspectives. “The model targets following 3 areas: specific characteristics and experiences; behavior-specific cognitions and affect; behavioral outcomes” (Health promotion version, 2011, Breastfeeding Theories). Well being may imply different things several people for different life stages. ‘Health’ for a fresh, athletic teenage may be defined in a distinct manner than for someone towards the end of their life. “Health promoting behaviors should result in superior health, enhanced functional capability and better quality of lifestyle at all phases of development” (Health campaign model, 2011, Nursing Theories).

Theoretical statements and offrande

Pender’s version assumes a consistent state of interaction between the complex mindset of the individual and the external environment. It is assumed that individuals have a responsibility and a aspire to regulate and govern their particular health-related behaviors and can promote their own health and fitness. However , the idea also enables the fact that people possess “biopsychosocial complexity” which may affect all their ability to support their state of health (Health promotion model, 2011, Nursing jobs Theories). Biopsychosocial complexity as well allows visitors to change their very own environment. A family with, for example a genetic predisposition to develop heart disease can strive to change that environment within a health-promoting vogue by transforming their diet plan and embarking upon lifestyle changes. Individuals are changed by the environment (as can be seen in the remarkable increase in excess weight amongst a huge percentage Americans, because of changes in the food system, infrastructure and lifestyle) yet patients could also change the environment. By slowly transforming all their environment that they transform themselves over time. Acquiring a gym account, buying healthy food choices, throwing away every cigarettes in the home, are simple instances of proactive measures the individual will take to improve overall health, even if there may be a family history of heart disease, diabetes or particular cancers.

One more assumption in the model which is critical in terms of its conception of ‘nursing’ is that “health professionals constitute a part of the interpersonal environment, which exerts influence on persons during their existence span” (Health promotion model, 2011, Nursing jobs Theories). However the health professional is always a facilitator, more than the principal initiator in the change, according to Pingar. “Self-initiated reconfiguration of person-environment interactive habits is essential to behavior change” (Health promotion model, 2011, Nursing Theories). Being told, for instance , that it is necessary to eat fewer calories and move more to weigh less is too few, there must be a motivational desire on the part of the individual to enjoy the benefits and changes that may result.

The health professional can easily encourage the person to see the benefits received from wellness changes and overcome identified barriers. For instance , if a person says: “I can’t shed pounds and improve my overall health because I have no time and no money to acquire healthy food, inches the registered nurse can change that perception by

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