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Main characters: 5. Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra con Magsalin – commonly reported the story as Ibarra or Crisóstomo, is the protagonist in the history. Son of any Filipino businessman, Don Rafael Ibarra, this individual studied in Europe intended for seven years. * María Clara de los Santos sumado a Alba – commonly termed as María Clara, is Ibarra’s fiancée.

She was raised by Capitán Tiago, San Diego’s cabeza para barangay which is the most beautiful and widely celebrated girl in San Diego. 2. Don Santiago de los Santos – well-known by his nickname Tiago and political title Capitán Tiago is actually a Filipino businessman and the lider de barangay or head of barangay of the area of San Diego. He is also the noted father of María Clara. * Doña Victorina de aquellas Reyes de Espadaña – commonly known as Doña Victorina, is an ambitious Filipina who classifies himself as a The spanish language and mimics Spanish females by wearing heavy cosmetic makeup products. The book narrates Doña Victorina’s youthful days: the girl had plenty of admirers, although she would not choose any of them because no one was a Spaniard.

Later on, the girl met and married Don Tiburcio para Espadaña, the of the traditions bureau who may be about ten years her jr .. * Dámaso Verdolagas – or Autor Dámaso can be described as Franciscan friar and the past parish curate of Hillcrest. He is most widely known as a well known character whom speaks with harsh words and phrases and is a huge cruel clergyman during his stay in the location. He is the true father of María Albumina and a great enemy of Crisóstomo’s father, Rafael Ibarra. * Pilosopo Tasyo – is another major character inside the story.

Looking for reforms in the government, this individual expresses his ideals in paper crafted in a cryptographic alphabet related from hieroglyphs and Coptic figures expecting “that the future generations just might decipher it” and realized the abuse and oppression done by the conquerors. 2. Sisa – is the deranged mother of Basilio and Crispín. Referred to as beautiful and young, although she loves her kids very much, your woman can not keep them safe from the beatings of her husband, Pedro. * Crispín – is usually Sisa’s 7-year-old son.

An altar youngster, he was unjustly accused of stealing money from the house of worship. After failing to force Crispín to come back the money this individual allegedly stole, Father Salví and the mind sacristan murdered him. It is not directly stated that having been killed, nevertheless the dream of Basilio suggests that Crispín died during his encounter with Sacerdote Salvi great minion.

5. Basilio – is Sisa’s 10-year-old kid. An acolyte tasked to ring the church bells for the Angelus, this individual faced the dread of losing his younger brother and the descent of his mother in to insanity. By the end of the new, Elías wanted Basilio to bury him by using in exchange of chest of gold situated on his death

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