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Excerpt from Capstone Project:

Fundraising intended for PALS some Paws

Loans for Non-profit Organization

FRIENDS 4 feet is a charitable organization enthusiastic about safeguarding domestic pets in the U. S. A. To protect them from mistreatment, neglect, desertion, and euthanasia. The goal of FRIENDS 4 Paws is to cure the number of pets that are entering animal shelters and increase the volume of local adoptions to ensure better lives pertaining to pets. As a charitable, FRIENDS 4 paws will manage the rescue of house animals that show up victim to issues of mistreat, disaster or other designs of dog suffering. One the other hand, it will give pet fans with low cost pets simply by facilitating the adoption procedure through owner-to-adopter communication. This kind of paper covers the fund-collecting aspect of Close friends 4 Feet as well as information on the company financial policies.

Fundraising program


Based upon the evaluation of the organization, three crucial areas of power are discovered. The first is the dedication in the organization’s executive director and staff towards the organization’s objective. The second important strength may be the extensive connections that the organization’s executive representative has that enable these to execute the organization’s objective through possibilities for ownership, corporate partnership, and sponsorship. These cable connections are especially in animal privileges circles where the executive movie director is well-known and linked. The last strength is the developing network in the organization. Even more people are assuming in the significance of safeguarding dog rights and providing associated with homes and a growing list of followers with the organization.

Fund-collecting objectives

The organization has the following objectives of its fundraising activities. The first target is to increase and improve the reach of the activities of Pals four Paws. The business is in search of opportunities to expand its applications into even more localities and regions, therefore increasing system reach. To accomplish this, it is necessary to have got funds to aid the organization through education of locals, creation, and dissemination of information, and community building. The second goal of fund-collecting is for the corporation to start a community software that enables the corporation to reach more pets and adopters. The business will need to create a strong crew thus the advantages of financial support to help with salaries and also other related expenditures such as community education activities. The last aim is for the corporation to build its stream of revenue by charging, though subsidized service fees, for usage services. The business seeks financial support through sponsorship, scholarships, individual donations, and federal government funding to diversify it is revenue avenues to focus on the available in order to raise cash for the organization.

Fundraising goals

The primary fundraising goal is usually to raise $100, 000 through fundraising to support the company mission and achievement with the earlier stated objectives. The secondary fund-collecting goal is to build the capacity of the business to reach even more pets and adopters as well as create a sustainable revenue stream to support foreseeable future activities in the organization.

The organization seeks to formulate a subscriber pipeline to aid the organization through recurrent contributions through regular membership schemes or perhaps an annual finance to be set up. The organization likewise seeks to spot and broaden its funding programs to attract corporate and not for profit benefactors to fund the business.

Funding strategies

Pals 5 Paws strategies to develop and adopt this fundraising strategy in tandem with the organization’s strategic plan. The business will positively involve the board of directors in most fundraising activities to achieve maximum benefit. The organization will also address the internal view of philanthropy to source charitable contributions from plank members and staff members as well. The organization will create a safeguarded dedicated team to handle fundraising activities. Throughout the organization’s specific giving system, the organization looks for to obtain as many individuals as possible to contribute in order to negotiate with corporates to suit or offer above the advantages of individuals. To build unrestricted income, the organization attempts to develop a fund. Finally, the organization will utilize the procedure for identification of prospects to achieve success in its fundraising activities.

Fund-collecting timeline

Close friends 4 Feet is wanting to engage in these kinds of fundraising actions. However , the organization is limited in recruiting. The plan is good for the organization to improve the money over the next 6 months. This enables Pals some Paws to recognize the fundraising budget, meet its staffing needs, and prepare a databases of contributor to engage. Individual giving will start immediately with grants and corporate/non-profit support expected to begin within two months once the essential organizational capacity is built.

Financial plans

Operation expert and financial transactions

For Pals 5 Paws, the treasurer will probably be authorizer of financial orders. The treasurer will review all invoices for accuracy and conformity to the price range to ensure most conditions will be met before authorizing the payment. The treasurer is usually in charge of keeping records of most financial ventures of the business. All expenditures must be attached to an bill and purchase buy or petty cash requisition to ensure funds are effectively documented. The treasurer will then pass the authorized payment for preparation of the verify and affixing your signature to.

The organization forbids practices including paying accounts that are not authorized or you cannot find any approved spending budget, providing bare checks in enhance, and bank checks made out to cash or to the bearer of the check.

Discharge budget

An effective budget is key for a nonprofit to ensure expenditures are paid for and prepared for. Close friends 4 Paws’ budget for the next financial 12 months is as beneath.

Quarter you

Quarter 2

Quarter three or more

Quarter 4




forty-five, 000

fifty-five, 000

25, 000

35, 000

one hundred sixty, 000

Legal agreements

5, 000

10, 500


45, 000

fifty five, 000

40, 000

45, 000

175, 000



15, 000

12, 000

12-15, 000

18, 000

45, 000


2, 000

2, 500

2, 1000

2, 500

8, 000


almost 8, 000

almost 8, 000

8, 000

eight, 000

thirty-two, 000


20, 1000

22, 1000

25, 500

28, 500

85, 1000


twenty-five, 000

thirty-two, 000

your five, 000

18, 000

85, 000

Donation acceptance

Pals 4 Feet by virtue of accepting donations is at the risk of obtaining stolen or otherwise ‘unclean’ funds. The organization is likewise at the risk of receiving money with constraints of use located by the subscriber. The insurance plan of Close friends 4 Paws is to acquire funds through their banking account or different cashless repayment methods just like debit or credit cards. Where the donor uses a debit or credit card, they are required to give confirmation they are the owner of the card to prevent credit card fraud.

Checks received in the office of Pals some Paws will be photocopied intended for records and banked. All checks will probably be endorsed having a stamp in order that the check is only deposited in the organization’s bank-account. The treasurer will then write the organization’s lender details (bank name and account number) on the rear end side of the check ahead of depositing the check. The business will not recognize cash at its offices since cash may be stolen. Anyone willing to give in money will be asked to financial institution the money in the organization’s bank account stating their name, addresses, and purpose of the repayment.

All contributions above $50 will be known. The acknowledgement will be a letter or cards confirming invoice of the cash and thanking the subscriber for their generosity. The amount to get the acknowledgement, including nearly all, should not surpass $8. The acknowledgement can contain the monetary gift amount, when it was received, the purpose of the donation, and a statement which the organization truly does or will never provide any kind of goods or services as a swap for the donation quantity. It will also provide the donor using a contact number in the event that the monetary gift amount or any other depth is misstated.

Asset protection

The organization’s assets happen to be under the safety of the company board of directors. Almost all assets will be clearly marked with asset tags to get the organization and will also be documented in the organization’s monetary records. These kinds of financial records will develop the value of the asset, downgrading amount, and other details in relation to the advantage. The organization’s bank accounts will also be listed in the asset list and all balances will be updated maximum inside two (2) working days to ensure they are held up-to-date.

Interior controls

To make certain internal control and transparency, the organization will certainly separate fiscal or economic roles just like custody, consent, execution, and monitoring. Every role will have a person attached to guarantee the person composing the bank checks is different in the person affixing your signature to the checks and in turn not the same as the person granting the twelve-monthly budget. In addition , the panel will frequently review the hazards associated with economic operations in the organization to enact standard policies and procedures which will minimize these types of risks.

501c (3) taxation rule


501(c)(3) implies that a not for profit organization is definitely tax exempt. Thie firm is prepared and managed without tax. Meaning the organization does not spend tax on its actions such as earnings from charitable contributions. However , to get this position, the organization should not be organized or operate pertaining to the benefit of persons and that the net earnings in the organization may well not benefit anybody (Mutz Murray, 2012).

How can it apply at P4P?

To get P4P, becoming

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