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ABSTRACT _This daily news discusses regarding “Oedipus sophisticated in the your life of the primary character because reflected in D. H. Lawrence sons and lovers: a emotional approach.

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The objectives from the study should be explain Oedipus complex inside the life with the main character of Lawrence Sons and Lovers discovered psychologically. _ _This research is categorized right into a library study because almost all sources are taken from libraries. The subject of the research is book entitled Kids and Fans by G. H Lawrence. The object with the research regarding revenges inside the novel. _ _Some with the important study findings are stated the following: the first is the character and characterization of the primary character.

The second reason is the theory unusual behavior that caused Oedipus complex in family. Another is the results caused abnormal behavior or Oedipus complex. Then, presently there some meaning values can be taken from the novel. _ _KEYWORDS: OEDIPUS COMPLEX, PERSONALITY, PSYCHOLOGICAL WAY. _ CHAPTER I In this chapter, because the introduction, the investigator presents the setting of the analyze, identification in the problem, limitation of the problem, formulation from the problems, target of the research, significance in the study, and presentation of the thesis.

HISTORY OF THE ANALYZE In a friends and family, there are romance between the members of family such as romance between father and mother and their kid and daughter. Normally the relation among the members of family is based upon love devoid of respect anything although there are gender differences among the members of relatives causing a few factor not really rare within a family can be found abnormal relationship or deviant relation amongst mother-son or perhaps father-daughter. By way of example in Dalam negri legend there are story explains to about deviant relationship between son and mother, in which the son (Sangkuriang) wants to married his own mother trigger by his interest the fogeys of the opposing sex.

Besides that this individual also kills his own father while the result of his deviation romantic relationship with his individual mother. In accordance to Freud the interested child toward parent of the opposite gender is called Oedipus complex. Oedipus complex can be described as concept inside psychoanalytic theory referring to a stage of psychosexual development where kid of possibly gender ok bye the parent or guardian of the same gender as a great adversary, and competitor, to get the distinctive love with the parents in the opposite sexuality. Sons and Lovers is an interesting novel besides this novel also best seller. This novel wrote in 1913 and first published, in 1913 by simply Wordsworth Timeless classics Edition Limited.

The story in the novel tells about the deviation romantic relationship between Gertrude Morel and Paul Morel (mother and son), besides that the novel tells regarding conflict that happened in a family, death of partner, love affair between Paul morel with two different women who had turn into his female friends although they are unable to replace Paul’s mother placement in Paul’s heart. RECOGNITION OF THE PROBLEM Based on the novel, there are several problems that could be identified in novel _sons and lovers_ written by G. H. Lawrence, there are: Paul morel characterization as the primary character inside the novel mentally The moral value which can be taken from the novel _sons and lovers_ LIMITATION WITH THE PROBLEM There are may challenges in _sons and fans by_ M. H. Lawrence, but the researcher is only concentrate on the feeling of love expressed by main persona in the story _sons and lovers. _ FORMULATION FROM THE PROBLEM The researcher formulates the problem methodically in the phrases below: Exactly what are the characterizations of the main character inside the novel _sons and lovers_ written by M. H. Lawrence What are the moral value found in the novel OBJECTIVE OF THE ISSUE Referring to the formulation from the problem, the objectives with the study are: To describe the characterizations from the main figure in the book _sons and lovers_ written by D. L. Lawrence To spell out the moral values found in the novel SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY It can be hoped which the result of the research will provide the subsequent significant advantages: To investigator of this study; it will give experiences on the way of studying a new To provide students of British department of Ahmad Dahlan University To help the students who want to know more about fictional works authored by D. They would Lawrence DISPLAY OF THE THESIS The study is definitely divided into five chapters.

The first phase consist of backdrop of the examine, identification in the problem, constraint of the problem, formulation with the problems, target of the examine, significance in the study, and presentation from the thesis. The 2nd chapter can be theoretical platform. The third section is about the process of the research. The fourth section is discussion. The 6th chapter is usually conclusion and suggestion.

PHASE II THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK This kind of chapter can be divided into half a dozen items. That they include biography of the publisher, Character and characterization, theory of the emotional approach, theory of unnatural behavior, theory of Oedipus Complex, and moral value. BIOGRAPHY WITH THE AUTHOR David Herbert Lawrence (11 Sept. 2010 1885 – 2 Drive 1930) was an English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and painter who also published since D. H. Lawrence.

His collected performs represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanising effects of modern quality and industrialisation. In these people, Lawrence confronts issues concerning emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, and behavioral instinct. Lawrence’s thoughts earned him many opponents and he endured recognized persecution, censorship, and misrepresentation of his creative work throughout the second 50 % of his your life, much of which in turn he put in in a non-reflex exile which he referred to as his “savage pilgrimage. ” At the time of his death, his public standing was that of the pornographer who had wasted his considerable skills. E. Meters.

Forster, within an obituary recognize, challenged this widely organised view, talking about him while, “The finest imaginative author of our era. ” Later, the influential Cambridge vit F. Ur. Leavis championed both his artistic honesty and his meaning seriousness, putting much of Lawrence’s fiction within the canonical “great tradition” from the English new. Lawrence is actually valued by many as a visionary thinker and significant associated with modernism in English literary works. CHARACTER AND CHARACTERIZATION THEORY OF FIGURE Character is the most important part within a story to recognize individual and figure that involved in the account, for it provides both mental and physical feature of people of figure (Sujiman, 1992: 16).

In literary function character may divided into two groups, major and minor character. The main character can further always be analyzed in three teams (1) the protagonist, the central or hero, (2) the antagonist or the opponent (the challenger) of the protagonist, and (3) the companion(s) or the advocate of the protagonist (Subhan, 2002: 8). The Protagonist Leading part is the character which is the actual central and crucial persona or the leading actor (actress).

He or she generally the main character or the heroine that perform an important function in the account, all the settings of the romantic relationship will be linked to him or her, his / her frequent physical appearance in the history, the leading part appears coming from beginning of the account until the history, the title from the novel just represent the protagonist. The Antagonist Villain in the book usually refers to the opponent of the protagonist or the opposition of the leading part. The friend of the leading part may function as the lover in the protagonist. Quite simply, the partner of the protagonist also plays an important role in the history (Subhan, 2002: 11-12) THEORY OF PORTRAYAL Characterization is among the elements which usually develop the job from inside the new.

This aspect is needed in competition a literary function. Though the characterization, the reader can easily understand about the individual figure whose life is being told by author. Nurgiyantoro (2002: 165) defines attribute and perceptions of the personality life precisely what is interpreted by the reader’s characterization denotes the personality top quality. Moreover, depending on characterization Subhan (2003) in his book helpful information for Literary Criticism divided characterization in the story into two groups, namely flat character and circular character. Toned character is a character which has unchanging portrayal from the beginning for the end from the story.

Rounded character is just the one, which in turn undergoes modifications in our characterization for the duration of the story (in the beginning the smoothness is good in the middle or perhaps in the end he bad, or maybe the beginning they bad in the middle or in the end he become good. THEORY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL STRATEGY According to Rohberger and Woods both equally literature and psychology discusses people and human lives. Although, sometimes they have diverse point of view, books discusses guy and his existence, which the article writer expresses through language inside the works of literature. Psychology is a analyze of man’s life, together with his mind and behavior (1971: 16-17).

Further more, Rohberger and Woods declared that this approach offers to analyze the novel from the psychological standpoint of human being (1971: 13). Guerin says that emotional approach is a great tool that is most commonly used as an interpretive tool by modern experts to plant by good examples how the target audience may apply this method of interpretation to enhance his understanding and appreciation of literature (1979: 13). THEORY OF ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR David sue, Derald Sue and Stanley File suit defines unnatural behavior in their book _Understanding Abnormal Tendencies, _ as “behavior that departs from some usual and is detrimental to the affected individual or to others” (1986: 15).

Colemen declared that the causes of unnatural behavior are divided into two: faulty expansion and serious stress (1972: 135). He also declared that the people often find the issues in their life due to their previous life and also the experiences that were there in the past. As an example, somebody could get difficulty in building a happy relationship because of the damage he knowledgeable in childhood when his parents would not have content marriage. In addition according to Sue (1986: 37), you will find two models of abnormal habit. They are bio-genic and psychogenic models.

Biogenic model can be described as physically impact. They have a difficulty in physical appearance. While there happen to be two main distinguished features of psychogenic models. First, the adult’s disorder is caused by the traumas or stress that is skilled by the people during their child years.

Second, the anxieties that happen in childhood work unconsciously which means that they are repressed through mental defense mechanism. This condition makes people show symptoms that they unable to understand. Supranatiknya in _Mengenal Prilaku Abnormal_ (1995: 27-31) put the instrumental factors in abnormal tendencies, namely the psychological plus the socio cultural factors.

Psychological factors You will discover five factors that induced of unnatural behavior, first, traumatic encounter in the the child years, psychological upsetting leaves marks in a child’s until she or he grows up. When nobody likes you this, the kid always remembers it and it will disturb her or his life. Second, psychological stress is the experience that ruins the sense of secureness, sense of ability, pride and it will be hard to recover by trauma.

Third, parental deprival, lacks of affection from the parents, the parents tend not to provide the kids with like and enough attention within their lives. They cannot give them psychological stimulus. Out, pathogenic romantic relationship between and the parents. It creates a lot of problems and hindrances inside their lives, for instance , rejections, overshielding, unrealistic demands, over plausible, actions, and pampering actions, wrong procedures, lack of marketing communications and illogical communication and wrong patterns from the father and mother.

The last is usually pathogenic structure from parents. Family composition can decide the variety of interaction among the associates. A certain relatives structure makes an unhealthy conversation patterns, but it will surely influence the emergence of hindrances from the members. Asociado cultural Unnatural behavior deviation can cause of socio social. For the example, first, war state.

Second, individuals have to take a type of duty that enforces him to that, for instance this individual has to destroy somebody in war state, or to be engaged a violent situation. Third, people end up being the victims inside the discrimination depending on certain groupings or politics affiliation. Forth, economics recession and lack of employment. THEORY OF OEDIPUS COMPLICATED Frudian term about Oedipus complex can be drawn from the parable of Oedipus, designating interest on the part of the child toward the parent in the opposite love-making and rivalry and hostility toward the parents of a unique.

It happens during the phallic stage with the psycho-sexual progress personality; approximately year’s 3 to 5. Resolution with the Oedipus complex can be believed to happen by identification with the mother or father of the same sex and by the renunciation of sexual involvement in the mother or father of the opposing sex. Freud considered this complex the cornerstone from the superego and the nucleus coming from all human romantic relationship. Freud in (Nye, 1986: 412) remarks that “the most important celebration during the initial five years of life takes place during the phallic stage: the Oedipus complex, because in this stage, the genital internal organs begins to have considerable importance”.

According to Sue (1986: 50) during this stage, the incestuous felling for the opposite-sex father or mother becomes very strong. Frued by way of Nye (1986: 421) states that his complex can be described as natural facet of childhood. It could happen in both genders. Boys produce a sexual appeal to the mom and want to owns her and displace the father.

It is also eventually the girls. Furthermore, Wolm (1968: 72) said that the fear of castration causes the boy to forego his or her incestuous desire for his mother. The passive attitude conceals a greater fear of and hatred intended for the father. This resentment toward the father generally develops into defiant thinking against all men expert.

The love for the mother frequently turns into a dependence marriage, into a passive need to be loved. Over connection to the mother is womanly component, partial identification with all the mother-lay business lead, in turn, into a submissive toward women in the foreseeable future. Oedipus sophisticated that faced by Paul Morel is at a kind of his love toward his very own mother. Mrs. Morel is a wonderful figure pertaining to Paul.

Your woman love every one of her kids, she spoil them all, especially Paul. Paul relationship together with his mother is definitely colored with love and attachment between them. The relationship is not just a romantic relationship between mom and son. They have intimated relationship.

Paul attachment to his mom started via his early on life and continues in the later lifestyle. His live to his mother becomes bigger and stronger. They generally have together in quest like enjoys. Paul’s love towards his mother is rolling out since he always finds peacefulness every time this individual closes with her.

Facing the hard conditions of his friends and family in his lifestyle, Paul wants to find something different that may make him comfortable. Paul can find what he would like from his mother. Paul never dares hurt his mother; his love is big for her. He considers that there is no deepest love that will give to anybody except his different. “The greatest of his love belonged to his mother.

When he felt he had damage, or injured his love for her could not bear it” (p. 255) For love to his mother, Paul will satisfy if he can carry out everything that his mother wants from him. It is a way of Paul to express his love and devotion to his mom.

Paul like towards his mother may be included like a form of unusual behavior which is sometimes called Oedipus sophisticated in males. According to Freud (1986), abnormal tendencies a boy builds up a sex attraction for the mother wants to possess her and displaces the father. Furthermore, he says that originally, the two boy and girl love their father since he can fulfill the requirements. This felling does not continue in Paul morel, he tends to prefer his mother and avoid his father, and he features limited discussion with his father because Mr.

Morel can be cruel in his family. Besides that he also often develops the feel or horror pertaining to his children. Paul experienced bad experiences with his dad.

He often sees his father hurting his mother. Paul hates because of the agony that his father brings in his relatives. Therefore , Paul prefers his mother to share his private stories of his working day and his mother shares her feeling to him.

The heat that he receives by his mom makes Paul more adoring his mom. There is no different woman may enter his private live, his want to is mom is not disturbed. It really is one sort of Oedipus complicated that faced by Paul morel. This individual even declares to his other that there is no correct woman intended for him except his mother. He acclaims himself into a man of his mother and she’s a girl, and so they belong the other person.

He sees himself stuck close to his mother,  similar to a guy stuck close to his addicts. The effects of irregular devotion of Oedipus sophisticated Paul morel faced is he feels that his mother’s love is a burden that makes him unable to take pleasure in another girl. When Paul grows to be the, he really wants to finds a female for his life, yet his mom interferes in his life connection with the girls. He is mindful about his inability to express his like to woman he loves.

This individual afraid the woman he loves can be not the “right” a single for him. He cannot love virtually any women beneath his mother’s shadow. The other effects of Oedipus complex that encountered by Paul morel is Paul turn into depend on his mother. His dependence expands stronger while seen when his mother dies.

Paul spontaneously seems as if this individual loses his world. He could be desperate and frustrated because he loses an individual he will depend on every very much. He is not sure to continue his life with no his mother accompanying him.

Losing his mother means everything to Paul. There is no for a longer time a place to lie down, to share his story, and to appreciate. He seems to lose the tender touch.

He always acquired during his mother’s your life. He views that his mother the only one who can handle his life. Besides all of the effects of Oedipus intricate toward Paul morel stated above, he also growing up as a traumatic gentleman. Paul would not want to get hitched; he does not have a desire to marry.

Even though his mother facilitates him to get married this individual still will not want to get wedded. It triggers by his love to his mother. He does not need to leave his mother alone. He wants to go with her during her whole life. MORAL IDEALS After having analyzed the novel cautiously there is several points that writer consider as meaningful values.

First of all, Mr. Morel bad attitude toward his family is was bringing negative effect toward his kids it produce his children hate him so much. In fact as a daddy Mr. Morel must be a good example for his children not the bad 1 because it is law his kids development.

Second of all, Mrs. Morel over take pleasure in, protection and affection toward Paul also bring wonderful effect to Paul persona development he become depend, introvert, and sensitive. The above mentioned points present that Paul parents include bad impacts in his Oedipus complex. Paul’s father are not able to do his role like a father to get his children, especially to Paul.

Paul’s mother truly does no her role being a mother in great ability that then too much for Paul. Paul develops unusually because of the imbalance of parent’s role. Paul cannot expand up as well as the other children of a normally family with good father and mother. So the meaningful values which can be taken from the novel will be parents in play their role toward the youngster must be in balance section both of father or mother. It tended to make the development of the children within a normal state did not include abnormal change.

CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHOD This part is about sort of research, subject and thing of the examine, data collecting method and data inspecting method. TYPE OF RESEARCH This kind of research is one of the library research because the types of this study are by libraries. The sources of this research will be classified into two parts, namely; main source and supporting sources.

The main sources of this research is the book _sons and lovers by_ D. H. Lawrence. While the supporting causes of this study are many references supporting the key source, just like; books about literature and psychology, publications, and content articles from the internet sites. SUBJECT AND OBJECT WITH THE STUDY The subject of the study may be the novel _sons and lovers by_ M. H. Lawrence that posted in in 1913, that consist of 423 pages. The object of this research is love of the primary character as a son shown in _sons and lovers by_ G. H. Lawrence.

DATA COLLECTING METHOD Info collecting technique used in this kind of research is the library research method. The researcher visits the catalogue and read some literature that have relation to the theme of the research. Following finding the sources and read them the researcher makes any necessary notes used to support the research. After making a records, the researcher categorizes the data and generate it prepared to be assessed further.

DATA ANALYZING APPROACH Data Analyzing method of this research is qualitative research. This technique is started by declaration, quotation, or perhaps described simply by explanation. It really is used to give clear information about the research qualitative employing, considering, determining, and organizing the set data. SECTION IV RESEARCH FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION This kind of chapter talks about the research studies and exploration of the story “_sons and lovers”. _ In this chapter, the specialist presents around three points; the synopsys of novel, the characterization in the main characters, and meaningful values obtained from the book.

The suite of Book Mrs. Morel is a wonderful physique for Paul. She love all of her children, she spoil them all, especially Paul. Paul relationship with his mother is colored with love and attachment between them.

The relationship isn’t just a marriage between mother and son. They have intimated relationship. Paul attachment to his mom started via his early life and continues on his later lifestyle.

His live to his mother becomes bigger and stronger. They generally have collectively in trip like enjoys. Paul’s like towards his mother is rolling out since this individual always finds peacefulness every time he closes to her. Facing the hard circumstances of his family in the daily life, Paul wants to find different things that can help to make him cozy. Paul can find what he wants by his mother.

Paul never dares damage his mother; his like is big for her. This individual considers that there is no deepest love that could give to anyone except his other. “The deepest of his love belonged to his mother. When he felt he previously hurt, or perhaps wounded his love on her behalf could not endure it” (p. 255) To get love to his mother, Paul will meet if they can do anything that his mother wants from him.

It is a means of Paul to show his appreciate and devotion to his mother. Paul love towards his mother can be included as a form of abnormal patterns which is called Oedipus complex in boys. In accordance to Freud (1986), abnormal behavior a boy develops a sexual fascination to the mom wants to have her and displaces the father. Furthermore, he admits that that originally, both youngster and young lady love their particular father as he can fulfill their needs.

This kind of felling does not persist in Paul morel, he will prefer his mother and prevent his father, and this individual has limited interaction together with his father since Mr. Morel is inappropriate in his relatives. Besides that he also often builds the feel or horror for his children. Paul had poor experiences together with his father.

This individual often views his daddy hurting his mother. Paul hates due to misery that his dad brings in his family. Therefore , Paul prefers his mother to share his private testimonies of his day and his mother shares her feeling to him. The warmth that he obtains from his mother makes Paul even more loving his mother. There is not any other female can enter his private live, his love to can be mother is usually not disrupted.

It is one form of Oedipus complex that faced by simply Paul morel. He also declares to his various other that there is no right girl for him except his mother. He acclaims himself to a man of his mom and she is a girl, and so they belong one another.

He recognizes himself caught up close to his mother, similar to a man caught up close to his lovers. The consequence of abnormal devotion of Oedipus complex Paul morel encountered is he feels that his mother’s love is a burden which enables him not able to love one more woman. The moment Paul grows to be an adult, he wants to locates a woman to get his life, but his mother interferes in his lifestyle relation together with the women. He’s conscious regarding his lack of ability to express his love to female he adores.

He frightened that the girl he really loves is not the “right” one for him. He cannot love any girls under his mother’s darkness. The other effects of Oedipus complex that faced simply by Paul morel is Paul become depend on his mother. His dependence grows more robust as viewed when his mother dies. Paul automatically feels as if he manages to lose his world.

He is eager and disappointed because he seems to lose someone this individual depends on every much. He is not sure to stay his lifestyle without his mother associating him. Losing his mom means anything to Paul. You cannot find any longer a spot to lie down, to share his story, and also to love. He loses the tender touch.

He constantly got during his mother’s life. This individual considers that his mom the only one who have could deal with his your life. Besides all the effects of Oedipus complex toward Paul morel stated over, he as well growing as a upsetting man. Paul does not like to get married; he does not have a desire to get married. Despite the fact that his mom supports him to marry he nonetheless does not need to get married.

It causes simply by his love to his mother. He will not want to leave his mother exclusively. He really wants to accompany her during her whole life.

CHARACTERIZATION OF THE KEY CHARACTERS Figure is the most important part in a history to recognize person and figure that mixed up in story, for doing it gives both mental and physical feature of individuals of figure (Sujiman, 1992: 16). Protagonist may be the character which is the very central and important character or the primary actor (actress). He or she usually the main character or the heroine that play an important part in the story, all the settings of the romantic relationship will be linked with him or her, his or her frequent appearance in the history, the leading part appears by beginning of the tale until the history, the title of the novel simply represent the name of the protagonist.

Paul is the protagonist of the book, and we comply with his existence from infancy to his early twenties. He is attractive, romantic, knuckle down, and unceasingly devoted to his mother. They are inseparable; he confides anything in her, works and paints to please her, and healthcare professionals her while she dead.

Paul has ultimately lost romances with Miriam Leiver and Clara Dawes, often alternating between great appreciate and hatred for each of them. His romance fails with Miriam mainly because she is as well sacrificial and virginal to say him since hers, although it neglects with Albumina because, it seems like, she has under no circumstances given up on her estranged hubby. However , the reason behind Paul’s break-ups may be the long darkness of his mother; simply no woman can easily ever equal her in his eyes, and he can hardly ever free himself from her possession.

Following analyzing this kind of novel, the researcher detects some portrayal of the main character. They can be: GOOD LOOKING Paul is a child whose physical appearance is attractive. See offer below: “Paul made zero answer, although passed listlessly in front of his picture and turned toward it. A glance joy arrived to his eye, as if he previously recognized himself for the first time” (Ch 2. P. 40) ROMANTIC “imagine a girl, barely seventeen years old, with a little flowerlike face, lips that were such as the petals of a rose. The lady was the loveliest thing I had ever seen” (CH 3, P. 50) WORK HARD Paul was often work hard to attain what he wanted.

He gave anything he had, his ability, his time to carry out. It can be seen in this affirmation: “I take my 50 % of our final list to my table, and I’m about to start a job” CH I, S. 15) MORAL VALUES OF THE NOVEL Following having analyzed the novel carefully there is several factors that copy writer take because moral values. Firstly, Mister. Morel bad attitude toward his family is was bringing bad effect toward his children it make his children hate him so much.

Actually like a father Mister. Morel should be a good example for his children not unhealthy one since it is not good for his children creation. Secondly, Mrs.

Morel over love, safeguard and love toward Paul also take great impact to Paul personality expansion he become depend, introvert, and sensitive. BIBLIOGRAPHY Guerin. 1979. _An introduction Guide to Literature_. Ny: Longman.

Hornby, A. S. 1985. _Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English_. Great Britain. Oxford University Press. Lawrence, David Herbert. 1993. _Sons and Lovers_.

Birmingham: reprint in wordsworth vintage published. Nye, Robert G. 1986. Three _Psycologies: Perspective from Freud, skinner and Rogers. _ California: Brooks/cole Publishing Company. Nurgiyantoro, Burhan. 2002. _Teori Pengkajian Fiksi_.

Yogyakarta: Gajah Mada Press. Rohberger, Jane, and Samuel h. hardwoods, Jr. 1971_. Reading and Writing about Literary_. New york city: Random Residence. Subhan, Bustami. 2002. _Literary Criticism Publication One_. Yogyakarta: LPPDMF. _____________ 2003_. Helpful information for Literary Critique. _ Yogyakarta: LPPDMF. Prosecute, David, Derald, Stanley. 1986. _Understanding Irregular Behavior_. New York: Random Residence Inc. Sujiman, Panuti. 1992. _Memahami Cerita Rekaan_. bandung: Dunia Pustaka Jaya. Supraktiknya. 1995. Mengetahui Perilaku Unnatural. Yogyakarta: Kanisius. CONCLUSION. Based upon the examination from _Sons And Lovers_ by Deb.

H Lawrence, it can be figured, first, reason behind the onset of Oedipus intricate is preceded by a romantic relationship of tranquility in the home Mr. Morel and his wife. Disharmony is principally due to domestic economic problems and practices of husbands who like in order to liquor.

Beneath these circumstances the partner turned their particular concern to his kid, the Bill and Paul. The Oedipus complex which was one of the important themes common throughout the new was particularly evident through the form of conversation. As Paul talks even more to his mother as well as the readers observe his stream of intelligence one starts to notice the usual lustful and romantic thoughts he provides for his mother. This fact is exponentially boosted by his resentment and hatred of his dad.

Therefore , Deb. H Lawrence strategizes his plot and character advancement in such a way as to advance the thematic factors he wishes to presume within the new. He cleverly engages the reader through the use of these types of literary processes to recognize the motifs and themes getting portrayed and an element of images is created inside the same token.

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