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We travelled from Bud today. The almighty damn bus driver lowered us away ‘least 15 miles from your ranch and told me it absolutely was just down the road. God easily see that damn driver I’d personally break his neck.

Me and Lennie found a pleasant place to sleep for evening. If Lennie hadn’t recently been so Goodness damn stupid we’d be up in Pot rollin in the cash nevertheless Lennie did somethin’ incorrect didn’t this individual, dumb krydsning, jst like he often does.

All the pieces was goin; O. K in Marijuana and We will be damned whenever we can find a better place than that to work at. We sure wish Lennie don’t go grabbin’ no other girls only to feel a damn dress.

I’ll hardly ever be able to fix up a stake if that dumb bastard stays stupid forever. I really like Lennie but it’s hard movin’ from ranch to ranch with him generally there all the time.

I’ve informed him if he gets in any even more trouble to go back to this extremely spot in the brush.

Lennie sure is stupid, previously he was having a dead mouse just to family pet it. We dont know very well what i’m going to do with him whenever he gets upset I have to tell him that dumb history about the house where we all will have rabbits and a great alfalfa spot and they can pet the stupid rabbits. Who knows maybe some day that fantasy might become a reality but I actually don notice that day coming soon.

Diary Access 2

Me personally and Lennie met some individuals today. There is this old guy called candies and she has got a stinkin’ old dog. He is quit a good fella even though he told me about Curley and his wife. I met Curley just a bit after that convisation with Candy, this individual came in seeking his wife. He had a go at Lennie for zero god darn reason in any way. Candy reckons it’s only coz Lennie’s bigger than him. Curly’s one of those little guys whom hates big guys, nevertheless he better not pick in Lennie retroceso Lennie may be dumb nevertheless hell he is strong being a bull

Before I was angry with Lennie coz he spoke infront of the manager when i advised him not to. I had to see the employer a few is because he noticed that Lennie was stupid and the manager wanted to know if I was hangin’ round with him to take his pay check off him at the end from the month. My spouse and i told him that me and Lennie were friends so tha is why we hung round together, good job that isn’t true retroceso if I was any regards to Lennie i’d personally kill me.

I fulfilled a real great guy today called thin. He released me to everyone workin’ at the hacienda and this individual thought it was very good to see two guys with this problem and Lennie hangin’ round together exabrupto he declared that you don’t often see two guys hangin’round together.

Though I’m gettin’ on To. K with the ranch with all the other guys and stuff, I can’t help thinkin’ about the opportunity of Lennie and Curley gettin’ in a fight exabrupto Curley was real imply to Lennie earlier. In the event that Curley tries to start a battle with Lennie in that case Lennie gonna have to smash him backside. I know that Lennie would never mean to cause any trouble but if Curley starts i’m gonna permit Lennie fight coz folks like Curley need to be taught a lessons. I ain’t sittin’ as well as watching Curley beat up Lennie coz that ain’t right.

Curley’s better half worries me aswell exabrupto Lennie seriously likes her and he could get into real problems if he does somethin’ like in Pot. Candy informed me that she always eyein’ all the fellas up. The thing that really reaches me is that Curley’s better half might offer Lennie the eye and he might do somethin’ stupid, I recently hope this individual doesn’t.

Diary Entry a few.

Today Candies was listenin’ in on me and Lennie havin’ a talk, normally We don’t like persons listenin’ in on myself but Candies had somethin’ interesting to talk about. He wished to join the tiny dream me and Lennie ‘ave got of gettin’ our own small place and land and some crops an’ animals. She has got $350 to help choose the land. As he aint no harm and she has probabally gonna die shortly we made a decision to let him come.

The desire that was just a dream is now comin’ to fact just coz that old guy Candy. Im gonna get those older people an’ tell ’em im gonna buy the property, at the end of the month we will have $450 and then I’d personally keep workin’ on the ranch to pay off the remaining.

One day rapidly we might you should be able to undertake it. We couldd get the small place of our with a few acres of terrain and crops to expand, and rabbits coz Lennie’s always in about how he may tend the rabbits. Obviously most men dont have faith in us bout the dream coz i wager they had dreams just like us and observed ’em fall apart loads of moments.

This whole idea of our land made Candy include a bit of wish, poor hooligan, Carlson shot his dog last night to set it out of misery, After all it was older, smelly & decrepid it was for the best. Slim offered him one of his new puppies, Slim also gave a pup to Lennie that was really nice of him. Lennies pretty dumb and this individual loves pampering things I really hope he jus’ dont perform nothin’ silly like in our previous job and blow the chances of the house.

Diary Entery four.

I new somethin’ bout that Curley couldn’t help but pick a fight with Lennie. Lennie had not done nothin’ wrong possibly, he was standin’ there smilin’, thinkin’ fight our desire an’ Curley came in the bunk residence in a feeling an’ found Lennie laughin’ and he socked him right inside the chops and hittin’ and hittin’ him, Lennie was jus’ standin’ there takin’ it. So I told Lennie to fight so Lennie grabbed your hands on Curley’s fist and started out crushin’ this like a tin can, Curley was floppin’ like a fish, Lennie need to of broke every bone fragments in his darn hand.

Because of Slim we all shouldn’t obtain canned retroceso he made it pretty very clear to Curley that if he informed anyone just how this occurred he would claim how quickly Lennie smashed his hands. Curley arranged not to inform anyone, thus hopefully all of that is all completed. I thought that will of concluded our probability of the desire.

Diary Entry 5.

I was right about what i did had not been I? In the event they captured Lennie they would strap him up in a cage in a single of those nut houses. It had been the right thing to do! If Curley had trapped him he’d of tormented him and made him die a sluggish death. Atleast when i shot him he was happy and peaceful thinkin’ about the dream but not scared. Right now Lennies eliminated im will be just like any other ranch worker, depressed and without a loving friend, it’s gonna take us a while to come to terms with what i’ve completed, killed my only and best friend.

Myself and Candies aint gonna carry on with the dream, theres jus’ no point Lennie was the existence and spirit of the fantasy now he’s gone and so has the desire. No doubt Chocolate will be disappointed and gloomy but generally there ain’t nothin’ I can carry out about that.

Thin and Carlson took me for the drink and told me which it wasn’t my own fault and this I had to obtain, I guess they’re right after all it was me personally or Curley and I ain’t lettin Curley touch Lennie. I almost certainly gonna move on to a different farm and keep on workin’ elsewhere alone.


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