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John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Males

John Steinbeck, the author of “Of Rodents And Men”, is trying to say that the solitude leads to depressive disorder and it is an important theme in the novel. Most of the characters are extremely lonely mainly because they have zero family. Nevertheless , George and Lennie are definitely the contradiction for this. George and Lennie’s relationship towards one another is strong. The theme of loneliness can be introduced throughout the minor heroes on the plantation. One of the personas killed the old crippled farm building hand, Candy’s dog. This caused Candies to be unhappy. Crook’s suits to the isolation theme as they is dark.

Becoming the only dark-colored man meant that he was isolated from everybody else at the ranch. Speaking of remoteness, Curley’s better half feels incredibly isolated since her husband, Curley, doesn’t trust her all. Solitude causes despression symptoms in “Of Mice and Men” and in the world today. Loneliness is first illustrated in the story in Candy’s life because he gets old he’s afraid that he will become old and useless with out one can care about him. He is frightened that the boss will notify he has to leave the ranch and he will have nowhere to go. He is as well lonely since his doggie is older and ill. After day or two later Candy’s dog has become killed by Carlson and buried on the field. “Had him since he was a pup (pg. 56). He is also struggling to work together with the different men and is also reduced towards the role of swamper. Besides this, Candy will not go into area with other males anymore. Candies is miserable because he wants to believe that there exists still a few kindness in the world. Loneliness comes up next inside the life of Crooks. Criminals is the only black gentleman on the ranch and has been beaten straight down by the solitude.

When ever Lennie and Crooks initially met, all of the other males went into city and Criminals did just what George did to Lennie when he initial met him, take advantage of state of mind. Crooks is usually jealous of their friendship. Thieves tried to persuade Lennie in thinking that George was not likely to come back via town that day. By doing this Lennie became angry convinced that something acquired happened to George. Following breaking the owner’s son’s palm a few times before, Thieves tried to persuade Lennie in thinking that if George failed to come back from town that day. This puts him in a position of authority. This places him in a position where he can include control over a white man’ so to speak. In addition , because he has probably by no means had this kind of sort of power that it would be overwhelming after all these years being that, ” A guy goes nuts if this individual ain’t acquired no one to to”. (pg. 222)

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