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Why would George kill Lennie? The book, “Of Mice and Men”, is written by Steve Steinbeck. Is actually about two men, Lennie and George, who travel together. George is the clever one. He’s a gentle and trustworthy person. Lennie is definitely not quite glowing. We appreciate very early on in the book that Lennie perhaps has a minor brain damage. He provides problems with speaking, repeats him self a lot, which is very premature. George generally seems to handle this kind of quite good, but at times he gets very angry at Lennie for being this sort of a big baby.

George and Lennie travel and leisure together from ranch to ranch trying to find work. They will move a lot, ’cause Lennie always generally seems to get them in trouble. They have two things; ideal of one working day owning their own little property with acres and rabbits, and they’ve already each other.

After barely escaping from a ranch up in Marijuana, Lennie end George arrive at work on a ranch south of Soledad.

Anything works out all right, until Lennie has a bad accident while using wife to Curley, the boss’s child. As I said, Lennie is not normal, and so can’t control his power right. Without meaning that, Lennie destroys the woman’s throat. He gets frightened and run off, to hide in the brushes. When the guys at the Farm discover this crime, that they understand that Lennie is the monster. They take their dogs and shotguns, and go out to look for and destroy Lennie. George waits before the men have kept, cause he knows wherever Lennie is usually. He now has three selections: He may find Lennie and run away with him, he could let the other guys kill Lennie, or he could destroy Lennie himself. He hand picked the last option.

I believe it was right of George to destroy Lennie him self. If they had decided to run away collectively, they would most likely been found. And if them both got trapped, they would almost certainly both receive shot. The men would feel that George experienced helped Lennie killing Curley’s wife. And George obviously didn’t wish to pass away.

George did not have center to let the other men kill Lennie. He recognized that Lennie wouldn’t produce it out alive of this mess, and George could hardly ever let the guy he was accountable for, get slain by Curley out of revenge. Lennie didn’t know what he was doing when he slain her, and it was certainly not fair that he should get killed away of hate. George had learned a whole lot about this coming from Candy, an old man living at the ranch. Candy had an old dog that was sick and never very popular, ’cause it smelled and wasn’t no good to anyone. The ranch- men wanted to have it killed, but Candy could hardly kill it. Candy experienced had that dog since it was a pup. Therefore , Chocolate let an additional man destroy his puppy. And Chocolate told George he regretted it after. “I need to of shoot that doggie myself, George. I should not ought to of let zero stranger capture my dog, said Chocolate. “

You may compare Candy’s dog to Lennie. You may say that Lennie was George’s dog, and Candy acquired learned that when a good friend’s death was certain, it may as well be a pal who knows him and cares about him that eliminates him. Lennie had to be killed by George, and George killed him out of affection. I think it had been a hard decision for George to destroy his best friend, but it was the right one. Lennie and George couldn’t continually be on the run. Lennie couldn’t continue to hurt other people, whether or not it had not been on purpose. George had a difficult experience, standing right now there with Carlson’s gun indicated at Lennie’s back brain, while sharing with him of the dream. Nevertheless at last, George pulled the trigger, and Lennie perished. Lennie decided to live, and he failed to let simply no stranger take his closest friend.


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