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Presently, it should have been clear there is no such thing because the one proper organization. You will find only companies, each of which has distinctive strengths, distinctive limitations and specific applications. It has become crystal clear that organization is not an absolute.

This can be a tool to make people effective in working together. As such, the organizational framework fits selected tasks in most conditions and at certain times. With all this perspective, because organizations tend toward even more efficiency and effectiveness, so does the structure. For example , one hears quite a lot today about the end of hierarchy.

This is blatant nonsense. In any organization, there has to be one final authority say, the manager someone who can make the last decision and who can in that case expect to always be obeyed. However what is the right organization to take care of crisis is not the best organization for any tasks. Sometimes the team strategy is the proper answer.

Actually the pharmaceutical drug industry used this strategy a long time before team became a buzzword in the organization community.

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