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appeal to reason

Othello convinces Roderigo that Desdemona and Cassio are sleeping together, and later that he should destroy Cassio.


appeal to emotion

Iago knows Othello loves Desdemona, so he may get especially upset about her cheating.


Appeal to character

“You know I love you

Applying Cassio’s status


Animal/sexual metaphors


leaving clues to points

“She performed decieve her father¦

“Beware of jealousy

“Men needs to be what they seem


Animal/sexual images

Iago repeats Othello’s phrases to ensemble doubt


terminology that interests the senses

Animal/sexual sources to Brabantio, Othello

connotative language

implied meaning

Animal/sexual words: topped and manage

well-placed calme

on stage w/o speaking

Slap scene

Talked about by Desdemona, Emilia

leading/rhetorical inquiries

Did Cassio and Desdemona¦

“Honest, my personal lord? 

“Indeed? 


¦, allows sentence/thought trek off

Says bad reasons for Desdemona, after that stops and excuses himself


contacting attention to anything by stating it’s certainly not important

“Leave it to time

“But to get a satisfaction of my thought


a contrast among expectation and reality

“I have a conscience

“You find out I love you

“Cassio’s my worthy friend


litote, purposely less strong statement than meaning

“Scattering and uncertain observance

“I observe this hath a little dashed your spirits

“He is much changed


immediately addressesing a great absent or perhaps imaginary person, or some être

“Arise, dark vengeance


speech to oneself

Iago’s speech when he plans to “turn benefits into pitch

Othello’s speech when he prepares to kill Desdemona


the place that the conflict gets to a level

Othello thinks Iago, that they decide to eliminate Desdemona and Cassio


the use of hints and hints to advise what will happen later in a story

The Willow Song

Desdemona: “Shroud me during these sheets

Othello: “Chaos is come again

empty verse

unrhymed iambic pentameter

iambic pentameter

a poetic m that is composed of 5 burdened syllables (feet) each followed by an unstressed syllable


a comparison without using like or since

Jealousy because the green-eyed monster


a comparison employing like or perhaps as

The concept of Emilia and Othello collectively gnaws such as a poisonous nutrient at Iago’s innards


the work of attributing human qualities to subjective ideas and so forth

Jealousy as green-eyed monster

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