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outer barrier that stands between me and my success in college may be the English terminology barrier I still have a problem with as a Korean language student.

Someone besides myself who could help me get over this external obstacle is a native-speaking college student fellow.

Just how this person could help me is by going through the topics and lessons with me that help me simply by explaining them in a simpler language.

An inner obstacle that stands between me and my achievement in college or university is procrastination.

Someone besides me who also could help me personally overcome this kind of inner barrier is a fellow student that is willing to become a member of a group research with me.

How this person could help me through motivating and reminding me that I must not procrastinate every time she is present.

The most difficult course We am consuming college this semester is my Counseling class.

This program is challenging for me because it pushes me out of my mental and mental comfort zones and pushes me to think more vitally than My spouse and i am used to.

9. Someone besides me who may help me conquer this challenge is a guy student who is succeeding in this class.

twelve. How your husband could help me is by showing his strategies for success and by motivating me with his very own success stories.

2 .

I are thinking about asking two or three of my other students to sign up me in a student group. At least, one member must be a native loudspeaker. And at least member must be competent in the Counseling class. This group may be a possibility for the native audio and the college student who is good in our Therapies class to talk about their experiences and help other folks. They can hence develop their very own skills on this factor. The rest of us may improve inside our English and overcoming the challenges with the Counseling school by learning from our colleagues. I believe, we will in this fashion also inspire each other. Once students type a study group, each member attempts to be as successful because the other members. Doing work and learning together is additionally fun.

Through this study group, we may also make a rule that we meet peak times a week at a fixed some everyone need to come well prepared. If a member comes to a gathering unprepared, a problem may apply. Penalties could prove to be such as shopping for an your favorite ice cream bar for every member of the group or perhaps dancing looking at everyone. This will likely encourage everyone to come prepared and encourage personally to overcome my trend to procrastinate. The greater pressure to be with time and the allure of entertaining that the analyze group can provide will help me overcome both my language buffer and the

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