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1 . 0Introduction

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Bankruptcy turning out to be the issues toward many youngsters nowadays. The worst may be the bankruptcy was involves numerous youth in which below than age 30. According to Credit Guidance and Management Agency in New Straits Times (2011), an average of 41 Malaysians are declared bankrupt daily, together with the majority declining to make repayment for car purchase financial loan. In short, the condition of bankruptcy among junior has to be given serious attention.

2 . 0Problem Statement

Statistics by the AKPK indicated the fact that number of individual bankruptcy circumstances had elevated by 10.

2% to 18, 053 cases this season and increased by a further 6. 2% to nineteen, 167 situations in 2011 (Curbing Credit Card Misuse, 2012). According to a study by the Education and Study Association pertaining to Consumers, the amount of Malaysians in financial distress appears to have increased, as proved in the jump in the number of bankruptcy filings from 13, 855 in 2008 to nineteen, 167 a year ago (NewStraitsTimes, 2012). Therefore , this research will certainly investigate even more about what are definitely the factors that lead many youth to being sentences bankruptcy.

installment payments on your 1Research Question

2 . 1 ) 1What are the relationship between unemployment with bankruptcy between youth? installment payments on your

1 . 2Is there any relationship between financial illiteracy with bankruptcy among children? 2 . 1 ) 3Is right now there any romance between medical expenses with bankruptcy among youth? 2 . 1 . 4What are relationship between mortgage and personal bankruptcy among youngsters?

3. 0Research Objective

3. 1 To check into the relationship among unemployment with bankruptcy amongst youth three or more. 2 To determine the relationship among financial illiteracy with personal bankruptcy among youth 3. several To know the partnership between medical expenses with bankruptcy amongst youth three or more. 4 To spot the relationship between loan and bankruptcy among youth

some. 0The Scope Of Research

This exploration will analyzes the problem and investigate the factor that contribute to bankruptcy among youngsters. the investigator will selects the respondents among the registrants of UiTM Arau that have distinct attitude toward bankruptcy concerns by releasing questionnaire and gather the knowledge by using a number of related resources.

5. 0Significant of The Examine

5. 1 To the investigator: The researcher will get experience on how to deal with the real condition as they will have to develop questionnaires and distribute it for the respondent and also further understanding on elements that help the bankruptcy.

5. 2 To UiTM Perlis: It can be value to increase understanding on bankruptcy among students, lecturers and stuffs of UiTM Perlis.

5. 3 To the teachers: With this kind of study, the gathering of task paper could be added inside the faculty since it is useful for future reference and also help different students to collect information and make make reference to findings via past exploration. 6. 0Literature Review

six. 1Conceptual Debate

six. 1 . 1Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy could be define while someone who has officially declared that he are unable to pay what he owes. In Malaysia, the bare minimum amount of outstanding personal debt amount to initiate bankruptcy can be RM30 500 (Insolvency Department of Malaysia, 2012). Once declared bankrupt, life will very difficult because their name will be blacklisted inside the Central Credit Reference Information System (The Star, 2010).

6. 1 . 2Loan

A great arrangement in which a lender provides money or perhaps property to a borrower, as well as the borrower wants to return the exact property or pay back the money, usually along with interest, a few future time. Usually, we have a predetermined coming back repaying a loan, and generally the financial institution has to keep the risk which the borrower might not exactly repay that loan.

6. 1 ) 3Unemployment

A fiscal condition marked by the fact that individuals looking for jobs stay unhired. Lack of employment is portrayed as a percentage of the total available employees. The level of joblessness varies with economic circumstances and other instances (Lerner, 1991).

6. 1 . 4Financial Illiteracy

Financial illiteracy defined as incapability to understand the financial matters. Financial illiteracy often comprises to somebody who do not possess an educated in making an appropriate decision associated with certain personal finance areas like estate, insurance, trading, saving, taxes planning and retirement. In this connection, financial illiteracy can cause making poor financial decisions that can have adverse effects within the financial well being of an specific (Hallman & Rosenbloom, 2000).

6. 1 . 5Medical Expenditures

Medical expenses refer to virtually any expenses incurred by individuals due to medical costs and it usually involved expensive cost. For example price for medicines, treatment, surgical treatment, premium to get health insurance and similar costs.

6th. 2Summary of Previous Examine

6. installment payments on your 1Loans

In accordance to Haini Hassan Deputy Director-General Insolvency Department (2012) from the figure make by Bank Negeri the car financial loans is the best list of the key reason why bakruptcy accompanied by personal and housing financial loans. In addition , the lady added the fact that credit card debt made up the other major reasons of bakruptcy. Similary, Traditional bank Negara Malaysia (2009) offered in Malay Mail Perception stated that 3548 persons declaring banruptcy due to the personal credit card debt whereby 1780 people participate in those aged 30 and below.

6. 2 . 2Unemployment

A review conducted by simply Deborah Ralston, Rosalind Mason, & Jaynendra Kumar(2001), difficulties self-attributed reasons behind consumer personal bankruptcy in 1998-99 were joblessness and that cause 38% of consumer bankruptcy in 1998-1999 which can be major personal attributed. Likewise, J. Zywicki (2004) discovered that the initially, high levels of household indebtedness, including the impacts of charge cards and residence mortgages and then unemployment and downsizing inside the second place.

6. installment payments on your 3Financial Illiteracy

According study conducted by Bianco and Bosco (2012), reported that college students are financially illiterate and not aware of skill for making sound monetary decision. Furthermore, Seyedian and Yi (2011, based on study result in which in turn participants properly answered 53% of questions on personal finance, that they can was claim that college students are certainly not knowledgeable about personal finance and so they may not produce sound financial decisions.

6th. 2 . 4Medical expenses

Based on survey done by Brotman (2006) survey responses suggested that among 46. two and fifty four. 5 percent with the individuals evaluated from 931 respondent cited medical expenditures as causing their monetary problems also 75. six percent of medical bankcruptcy filers acquired health insurance insurance coverage when their very own illness or injury started out. In addition , amongst families with medical expenses, hospital bills were the most important medical expense for forty two. 5 percent, medications for 21 percent and doctor’s charges for 20 percent (Himmelstein, Warren and Deborah, 2005).

6. 3Research Unit






6. 4Hypothesis Advancement

H0: You cannot find any relationship between loan and bankruptcy among youth H1: There is romantic relationship between the mortgage and personal bankruptcy among junior

H0: There is not any relationship among unemployment and bankruptcy between youth H1: There is relationship between joblessness and personal bankruptcy among children

H0: You cannot find any relationship between financial illiteracy and personal bankruptcy among youngsters H1: There is relationship among financial illiteracy and personal bankruptcy among children

H0: There is not any relationship between medical bills and individual bankruptcy among youngsters H1: There may be relationship between medical bills and personal bankruptcy among children

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