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My name is Cheng Tzy Terng. My previous school is Kian Kok Middle University.

Now I was studying Cambridge A-Level Commerce course in Institut Sinaran. I consider business research, accounting, economics and mathematics. I wish to study accounting and fund in the college or university. I want to become an accountant. I study A-Level because A-Level is very important to my opinion.

When I was in Kian kok Middle college, I was in commerce stream. My choice is to study A-Level. I consider four subjects that are business studies, accounting, economics and arithmetic. I have business research because I will know a lot of business expertise, business benefits and drawbacks. I consider accounting mainly because can know the dimensions of the formulae to count just how much profit to earn or loss.

We take economics because to learns how you can control my personal and organization economics. I actually take math concepts because to enhance my problem-solving skills. I do believe that A-Level subjects are very important to myself and for my results to get into university. In that case, I must take accounting and finance in university. I do believe that those A-Level subjects i take must relate to university or college.

I think that Commerce themes are fun because that is easy, logics, interesting and others. Commerce subjects will be related mindset, sociology, math, art and other subjects individuals are incorporate. I hope i can generate my learn in accounting and financing in school. Commerce subjects those are incredibly important to myself.

I hope that I can to become an accountant. While i was studying Cambridge A-Level Commerce, those subjects likewise apply during my career. Accounting that can calculate how much profit or loss in business. Business studies which could helps myself to know organization knowledge, organization advantages and disadvantages. Economics that helps me for the savings and control my personal economics that we use.

Mathematics that helps me improves problem-solving skills. After i am totally free, I discovers other different languages, computer abilities, martial arts, and other skills. I actually also know that I must become more independent, dependable, more logics and creative, and other people and some values that are crucial to get a new career. My SPM consequence got more than five credit. I got a credit in LCCI Level 1 bookkeeping.

I hope that I can get LCCI Level a few in accounting with variation and some other folks that I believe is very important to my opinion must be attained. My leisure time interest plays online games, a lot of mind game titles and plank games. I prefer that fascination because it can easily training my brain and stay more imaginative, logics and also other skills.

My leisure interest are also surf internet mainly because I can reduce your cost to find data and quicker than searching in the book. I hope that the university or college will accept myself as a pupil. I hope which i want to be an accountant.

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