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Perform analysis on the theme of personal work planning. In your own words, clarify the importance of creating and retaining personal function plans. For anyone who is not working, tend to be part of a connection or know of an organisation, please solution the question accordingly. A work program is a plan of a set of goals and processes through which a person can complete those goals, offering you a better knowledge of the opportunity of the project. Through job plans, you break down a procedure into small , and achievable duties and identify the things you need to accomplish.

Creating a work program can make persons understand their very own job targets, goals, and help to achieve desired goals and tasks efficiently. Preserving work strategy can help persons solve problems more easily, work efficiently. Source: a period of two weeks continue to keep a personal paper-based or electric (e. g. personal digital assistant) diary related to your job role. At the conclusion of each time, make entries to answer this questions: What were the most crucial activities that needed to be obtained today?

marking the purchase number around the dry clean items

check every buy if match with the purchase ticket

write the cost of each dry clean item within the order ticket

record every purchase including item description, amounts of items, and price put the cleaned items to the purchase

handbag the finished orders

customer companies: pick up dry clean items and drop off

cash gather

record the buy which has been pick-up

answer incoming telephones

How do these relate to my personal job description, responsibilities and accountabilities? Task descriptions: Store assistant in Dry Purifiers.

Marking and bag the dust items. Examine the dry clean items accordingly with order solution. Record the orders including drop off and pick up. Client services and answering cell phones. My work activities will be the activities and responsibilities according to my personal job descriptions. When I am doing my job, my accountabilities will be being concentrate, being very careful not to help to make mistake, constantly smile to customers, becoming efficient.

How can these linked to the overall aims and goals of the enterprise? The overall goal and desired goals of the company: effectively and efficiently dry clean services My major task responsibilities and accountabilities are doing my work effectively and efficiently and so these are linked to the targets and desired goals of the enterprise. What steps of accomplishment apply to these activities?

Work finished period

Reviews from the supervisor and buyers

Was my time used successfully to contribute to the achievement of the tasks and activities? Why or really want to? Yes, I do multi jobs when I am working.

Use the personal work journal you developed in question a couple of of this analysis. write a short report reflection on how powerful you are at personal work planning and organising. ( 1 site maximum)


I are a shop helper in Dry Cleaners. The shop provides same day time services, and delivery assistance. I usually surface finish job simply by 3pm every day. The job activities, description, responsibilities. My function start to indicate dry cleaning items, checking orders, record the instructions. At the same time, provide customer when customer come into the shop. When one particular order recently been done, tote the buy. If the cellphone rings, solution the phone. The task activities I actually achieved will be according to my work descriptions and responsibilities. I understand clearly precisely what are the duties, and issues should be done every single day.

When I am doing my own job, my accountabilities are being concentrate, being cautious not to produce mistake, constantly smile to customers, being efficient. The organisations desired goals and aim is providing properly and effectively dry clean companies. When I are working, I always be multi-tasks, working wisely. Every day all of us finish cleaning clothes around 2pm. My personal job coatings by 3pm.


I am aware my task clearly and planning the procedures of my work activities. Through the job end time, I am able to know I use done my own job successfully. Through the reviews of my manager, I am aware I have carried out my task effectively. Based upon your what you’ve learned from this section, design numerous

tips and approaches, that you can put into action in your personal work planning and arranging to improve virtually any areas of work performance plus the management of the individual time.

Indicate how each of these suggestions and approaches will improve your capability to prepare and arrange work. (1 page Maximum) Record consumers contact details: we could contact with all of them if we have any complications of the dust items or perhaps inform them to grab when the order is ready. Clean up the finished and unpick up orders consumer left pertaining to long time: Even more spaces at the mechanic Put doonas and blanket in order: I could find the order much easier when customers come to get.


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