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Character is the set of emotional features and ways of behaving which enables a person different from other people, (Merriam-Webster, 2014). My character is something that I have got since beginning.

It defines who I am and just how others watch me. Many people have amazing personalities while some prefer to stay home or in other quiet spots. I have been a person that loves seclusion.

After taking the Jung Typology Check, I now figure out my individuality. This test has allowed me to to determine my talents as well as my personal weaknesses which supports me during my academic job. My individuality type is INTJ. We am 78% introvert, 25% intuitive, 12% thinking, and 56% judging, (, 2011). I found test to be accurate and agreed with the benefits.

Introverts are perfectionists that contain a high level of confidence. Most introverts are logical thinkers that open up their minds for all possibilities. INTJs are suitable people. They think anything is possible and anything is flexible, (, 2011).

I own this introvert quality. I believe that there are constantly exceptions to rules. Being a student, the introvert feature can be very useful to me. I like to be remote from noises, so this may help for examining course materials and learning.

I can employ my introvert’s problem solving expertise to work through hard tasks. As an introvert likewise allows me to make use of my vivid imagination. This is helpful once writing paperwork and carrying out projects. Students are expected to work in organizations in traditional classrooms and those that opt to work only are considered outliners or a trouble, (Cain, 2012).

As a web based student my introvert feature will allow me to focus on my own studies because I can work alone inside my comfort zone. My third top trait has been intuitive. Getting intuitive could be challenging for me personally as a student.

Most people that contain the intuitive trait hate the normal everyday routine. I am one particular people. I love to be challenged in innovative ways on a regular basis.

Since I am attending school online, this allows me to be flexible with my plan and change some misconception a little. Overall, I arranged with the comes from the Jung Typology Test. It offered me an explanation of why I actually do the things that I actually do. My introvert trait lets me be in touch with my feelings and thoughts and this allows me to explore with my imagination. My personal judging attribute helps me personally make reasonable decisions.

My personal intuitive trait helps myself to prepare for future years. This is who have I was and I put on the INTJ badge happily.

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