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·Political elements:

· authorities type: Vietnam is known as a Socialist Republic. · freedom on economy: Vietnam has not substantial economic liberty, which score is 51. zero. Even though the index of Vietnam can not match up against western developed countries’, even so since 1986 the government implement open-door towards the outsider universe policy, making Vietnam getting to an available country and attracting increasingly investors’ interest and possibilities.

· Personal Stability: Vietnam is a completely independent, socialist republic country, governed by the just power: Communist party of Vietnam—-contribute for the stable very safe environment.

· Taxation in inflation: As inflation in Vietnam have been rising the past few years, however the first quarter in 2013 the index have a turn for the better, lower the before inflation index. As well as, Vietnam federal government has come up with several actions to compensate intended for the increase in inflation.

· Trade regulations and charges: Vietnam features joined the Association of Southeast Cookware Nations(ASEAN) in 1995, Vietnam’s trade plan is the same as other members’ with the ASEAN.

· Charges Regulations: Certainly, there are no control on rates in Vietnam before 06\, however in 06\, Vietnam presented a set of relatively comprehensive copy pricing rules effective and made revisions this year. In 2012, the National Assembly approved the Amended Duty Administration Rules, effective Come july 1st 1, 2013. In addition , Thai tax regulators are also putting considerable efforts into “capacity building”, which include providing working out for its duty officers. · Economic elements:

· Our economy of Vietnam has been by using a transformation the last 30 years, Vietnam has evolved by a disorder and poverty society to an efficient agricultural economic system and just lately focus even more attentions upon developing professional and services sectors, fast development upon trade and investment.

· Vietnam is a member of the ASEAN, and all people commitment is usually to further accelerating regional cooperation in East Asia and building a local architecture that is certainly open, clear and comprehensive, which means that assistance and win win policy could possibly be taken into account. Just lately more countries such as China and Asia had fixed Free trade Area Agreement, providing increased opportunities.

· Vietnam contains a large number of 87. 375 mil people and an unemployment rate is usually 4. 64% in town during 2007, in 2006, the growth rate of population of Vietnam is definitely 12. 1%, and average revenue is usually $1498, a large number of inexpensive work force attract more international investors focus and lower all their cost. Interpersonal factors:

· Vietnam offers completion education system, general education consist of 12 years and from 2001 started to popularize 9-year mandatory education, govt focus more attentions upon education and the crowd’s top quality increase by simply years.

· Agriculture is among the most important industries of the Vietnamese, which busy nearly 73% of the total population, and agricultural plot accounting for the total place nearly 60%, Vietnam may be the second grain export country in the world, in fact it is agricultural export products in the leading position.

· The official language of Vietnam is Thai, nearly 97% population in Vietnam speak it, on the other hand most people not really actually utilized English, and so the foreign shareholders are not practical when they visit the Vietnam.

·The main religious beliefs is Buddhism, and others contain Catholicism and Protestantism. You will find nearly simply no any concerns of physical violence between persons of different values, compared secure religion environment than other countries. · Vietnam has appeared as a best immigration place due to its appealing environment and friendly reputation, every year a lot of tourists navigate to the beauty place and live in local. · The majority of the populace 10. 2% are more than 6 decades old, and nearly 39% of the aged still work in the field, which means there may be enough work force are full of Vietnam market. Scientific factors:

· Vietnam features seven international airports and 20 civil airfields, basic vehicles systems just like railways, street, waterway system are more in one piece then just before, even through after several years development and received financial benefit, transportation still limited the development of Vietnam. · Following Vietnam signed up with the ASEAN, on account of the geographic positive aspects and its beginning policy, Vietnam gain even more opportunities to work with the high quality company and to reform the lining industrial composition, such as speed up energy technology and digitalization process.

Beyond any question Vietnam help to make a progress than before, even so a huge big difference still exist, Vietnam still continues to be one of the most affordable technology nation, much at the rear of than adjacent region countries. Specific about technological innovation, technological research input. More assemblage lines inside the high-tech park rather than technology or creativity. Conclusions:

Together with the PEST analysis above, it can be concluded that the PEST environment of Vietnam has absolutely improved their international organization activities in past times 10 years, mil novecentos e noventa e seis the government think of striving to formulate the sector and modernization, on the basis of industry economy, by 1990-2008 the GDP of Vietnam develops robustly with average 7. 7% maximize, with a price of about 6. 18% in 2009, and 6. 9% completely, and five. 89% this year. (graph 1 in Appendix) Economic mixture continuously expand, formed the state-owned overall economy as the leading factor, a number of economic factors common advancement pattern. Though per capita GDP continue to situates in low level when compared with other countries, however the economical transformation significantly enhanced someones living quality compared with yesteryear. The investment environment research in Vietnam:

· To begin with, there are considerable natural solutions in Vietnam that one third land may plant, meeting for developing agricultural production and export-oriented agriculture, and there are also abounding ore solutions in Vietnam such as petroleum, gas, fossil fuel and metallic production, Vietnam has a lengthy coastline which has rich and varied aquatic product.

· Secondly, personnel resource wealthy and inexpensive, the population of Vietnam is 84 large numbers, and 73. 8% of the people originate from rural location, two-thirds individuals were born after 1975, recent times even though the government advocated to enhance minimum income, still remaining about $60-$80 each month, therefore the labor force in Vietnam is the most cheapest, due to the authorities focus more attention in education, in order that the cultural top quality and specialized quality is definitely higher than other areas.

· In addition, political and legislation environment stable and well, Vietnam implements one-party system ruled by the Communism Party, democratic atmosphere increases the lofty reputation of the government, which perfects legal program and stresses rule legally. People are professionals of the region. Security environment attracts even more investment options. The main export in Vietnam:

The export of gardening, forest, aquatic products of Vietnam this year reached to 25 great dollars (which accounted for 22% of total merchandise exports). The main force of farming export in Vietnam is usually rice and coffee, and shoes developing industry foreign trade occupied about 25%, textile occupied regarding 13%. The majority of the export merchandises are centralized on manual products and major commodity, which is the identify feature with the economy of Vietnam. (table 1 in Appendix) The us government plays a crucial role to speed up the economic creation and change inflation. Supply a platform to enhance the competition of the industrial sectors.


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