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Variation 4: No variation between very long vowels and short vowels According to Tony(World Englishes, 2000: 338), researchers Bolton and Kwok (1990) have identified that HKE provides a simpler vowel system than RP simply by subjective hearing and that a number of the vowel clashes in the British RP happen to be neutralized. In other words, RP has a more complex vowel system than HKE, which in turn again is the result of the influence of Cantonese, the mother-tongue of HKE loudspeakers. Taking the level of this analysis into consideration, were not likely to conduct a spectrographic analysis to warrant the subjective perception.

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However , the academic options and previous study which research workers have go through prove the validity on this variation. Analysts also know that this is also one common feature of Asian British speakers, like variation 3. Long vowel duration is usually not part of their indigenous language phonological system, therefore no distinction between extended vowels and short vowels. This variation is exemplified by the subsequent data. The shorter life long certain vowels could lead to offence or impoliteness, such as bed sheet is obvious as clips, beach is definitely pronounced while bitch. Cases Received Pronunciation.

Hong Kong British My parents and me /mi: / /mi/ Tea and coffee? /ti: / /ti/ Thats a beach / bi? big t? / as well as bit? / Beat eggs in the bowl /bi: t/ /bit/ Consider that linen /? i actually? t / /? this / Summary As is set by the introduction, many phonological variations are present between loudspeakers of Hong Kong English and Received Pronunciation. This survey elaborates several of the most apparent characteristics of HKE, that are: Delivering Interdental-fricative/? as well as as labio-dental fricative /f/Pronouncing voiced interdental-fricative / i? as well as as unaccented plosive /d/ or voiceless interdental-fricative as well as?.

Pronouncing voiced palato-alveolar as well as? / while voiceless palato-alveolar/s/: occasion( occacion) * Simply no distinction among long vowels and brief vowels Data are collected by the method of question-answer selection interviews and not enough in terms of opportunity. Researchers make efforts to reduce the negative effects of the constraint by talking about academic sources and transcribing from everyday communication. Analysis of four of the most salient features reveals that Cantonese phonological system is reflective in HKE, that is, HKE displays a number of phonemes in Cantonese, helping to make HKE vary from RP.

Besides this, and some of the audio speakers of HKE realize that variations exist, they admit that it is out of their convenience, consequently preserving them. Furthermore, specific variations may result in misunderstandings, offence or impoliteness.

Some of the features in HKE are typical of Asian British varieties and the reference of HKE which may facilitate the study of these varieties. At last, more complex research and in-depth research are highly suggested to be executed to analyze Hong Kong English. Literature.

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