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In “The Plastic material Pink Flamingo: A Natural Record. ” author Jennifer Price explains the lifeless parrot symbolizes People in america are lead on by media and may purchase anything to confirm their wealthiness. In Price’s view the Us is consumed with flashy displays of wealth. People in america will partake in anything that is definitely bold or bright.

Inside the first half of the essay, the writer discusses the fact that the new popular item on the market is a plastic flamingo, which presents “wealth and pizzazz. ” Price’s blunt sentence “But no matter”, after outlining that flamingos had been sought after to annihilation in California shows, actually, she is embarrassed and angered by this fact, which symbolizes how the old, poor society provides died. Even worse she points out how businesses succeeded off from selling flamingo products or naming businesses after flamingos. Flamingos “stand out” in one’s garden which shows “extravagance and “boldness” in analogizing intended for the generation raised in the Depression. People spent money on a useless plastic bird – a foolish actions non-e would have thought to do before this.

Jennifer Value use of these kinds of emphatic words and phrases let viewers imagine strong or rather striking nature or American tradition. The 1954s was certainly a time of change for most Americans. These people had defeat a great hardship and had been ready for a fresh start. Jennifer Price relates in her essay that American tradition was very secure and highly effective at the time.

Price makes Americans of the 1955s seem frivolous Price goes on this effect by further explaining Americans’ obsession while using color pink, describing all their sense of style has grown bigger and obvious. Americans “brighten” things to cause them to become attractive and to make profits. Price gives samples of household items which come in every shades of pink, including Elvis Presley’s green Cadillac. The author begins the last paragraph with yet another cynical remark, by simply asking “Why, after all, call up the parrots pink flamingos as if they are often blue or perhaps green? ” because this statement was toward the end from the essay a few may think that Price is producing a final declaration.

She supports her thought by additional explaining the color of the plastic flamingo was not even accurate to that with the real flamingos. Price, it might be assumed, dislikes society carefree attitude proven through how Americans never have respected the flamingo, as Egyptians, early on Christians, Mexicans, and Carribbean people do. Perhaps we do not think of the pink flamingo today when the word “wealth” pops in mind, but the have to show continues to be with us. It can be the mobile phones flashed simply by every adolescent or even the artist clothes donned by a single. Jennifer Cost has criticized American’s tradition and perception.

Regardless, Cost explains how she views today’s culture through the example of the lilac plastic flamingo.

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