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The pen can be mightier than the sword (pen-? writer, sword-? soldier) KINESTHESIA: sense transference, when you explain one sort of sensation with regards to another (e. G. Smell with color) Tasting of Flora and the country green (taste, smell and color) Of music so delicate, soft and intense (sound with sense) HYPERBOLA: transfer and appositive from its appropriate noun to a different to which it will not properly are supposed to be The exceeded a sleep deprived night (a man could be sleepless, not just a night) Melissa shook her doubtful curls (Melissa can be doubtful, not her curls PUN: make use of a word much more than 1 sense in the same phrase, mostly homonyms or monopoles for the sake of wit Ask for me tomorrow and you should find us a grave guy (grave-? critical, grave-? dead) Is existence worth living?

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That depends upon what liver (liver-? organ, liver-? person alive) VISION: vividly describe the absent since present to the attention, describe something which you cannot perhaps see I realize the rural benefits leave the land (virtues cannot be seen) PROLEPSIS: this occurs when future occasions are referred to as if previously past Thus those two brothers and their murdered person rode previous fair Florence (he anticipates that the friends will destroy the man who may be riding with them)

BRUIT: the article writer addresses someone or something not present O Loss of life where is usually thy trick (he is talking to Death) Fair daffodils, we leak to see you hast aside so rapidly (talking to flowers) PRESUPPOSE: abstract characteristics or things are regarded as having the power of speech (similar to personification) The red flower cries, she is near, she’s near (roses cannot speak) EMPHASIS HYPERBOLE: exaggeration of ideas, zoom of issues beyond their very own natural range or that attributed miraculous forces to people intended for emphasis Beeline smiled and everything the world was gay Neptune oceans rinse this blood clean by my hand?

Number I have patiently lay for eternity CLIMAX: the arrangement of any series of thoughts in raising impressiveness I came, I could see, I overcome. Pursue him! Flog him! Torture him! Kill him!

ANTICLIMAX: the arrangement of a series of thoughts in reducing impressiveness or possibly a sudden descent from the sublime to the silly Not even louder shrieks to pitying paradise are solid when husbands or when lap puppies breath their last (compares mockingly the death of a husband into a dogs) QUESTIONS THE TEACHER ASKS THE CLASS: no response expected since it is assumed the fact that reader agrees Can the Ethiopians change his skin and also the leopard his spots (Ethiopians are absence and leopards are noticed so the answer is obviously NO) Who does not love his country? Obviously everybody does) EXCLAMATION: Oh! Alas! Maybe a word, a phrase, a sentence or possibly a whole passing (! Marks) expresses strong feelings Exactly what a university piece or work guy is! How noble in reason! COMPARE IRONY: if the meaning planned is contrary to that evidently expressed (verbal irony or perhaps situational irony) Water, water, everywhere, neither any drop to drink (a boat with people adrift in the sea is definitely surrounded by drinking water but they will ironically die of thirst) For Barbare is a great honorable person (he had not been, he had killed Caesar)

SARCASM: is meant to mock with often satirical or sarcastic remarks using a purpose to amuse and hurt someone We a lot admire this authors first novel, the cover is indeed attractive (meaning the content can be not good) What a marvelous frame! (said of a picture) ANTITHESIS: contrast is received by balancing one idea against an additional generally stressed by a parallel in grammatical structure Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven His friends defined his valor, his foes discussed his treachery the lie ( _ _ IQ why EPIGRAM: short witty saying, often satirical, frequently portrayed in opposite.

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