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Police Schooling, Urinalysis, Community Policing, Organizational Structure

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Patrol products would be implemented along the coastal areas holding out to act after any information provided to seize drugs and arrest medicine traffickers. For this purpose, the city authorities would be armoured with two well-equipped fast patrol crafts. Communication providers between the stations and the patrol crafts will be state of the art which include GPS systems and radar networks to facilitate identifying and investigating of suspicious activity in the coastal marine environments. Further, the usage of latest energy imaging and laser optical technologies tools gives effective oversight at nights.

Bottom line

The police division has tremendous responsibility in maintaining law and order and providing security and safety would require a strong police based on an obvious and sound organizational beliefs. As a coastal city with its growing populace, the urban city of Town is up against numerous complications, in particular the high medication trade activity along the coastal regions. The Metropolis town police department is geared up to deal with the needs of the circumstance. The rigid recruitment drive followed by successful training programs and an organizational lifestyle that stimulates transparency and cooperation helps to ensure that the police push is well equipped to tackle what the law states and order situation inside the city. Policing is no longer a role limited to the uniforms and in order to be an effective force this police have to forge positive bonds while using general public and the best method to get this done is to gain their support. Community policing, thus turns into an indispensable aspect in Metropolis as an effective instrument in crime checking and creating a confident image about the police. Thinking about ‘friends of police’ would certainly make the community more actively involved and cooperative with the police within their task. Like a well co-ordinated and cooperative police network, with the four stations inter-connected effectively, there is not any question of doubt the Metropolis law enforcement officials department brings down the criminal offenses in the region and allay the fears of the population.


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