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Festival, Pongal

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The term “Pongal” in tamil means “to boil”, and this festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving ceremony for the year’s collect. Pongal, one of the important Indio festivals comes around the same time while Lohri every year, which is about mid-January. So , here are some Pongal festival desires and hey there.

  • May this kind of festival enable you to get happiness, blessings and wealth this year and always. Happy Pongal!
  • Enjoy the Pongal festival having a heart filled with happiness and gratitude. May possibly this festivity bring you fruitfull harvest and prosperous yr ahead.
  • May the sweetness of milk and sugarcane fill up your home with happiness. Wishing you the best Pongal!
  • We pray that festival could be the start of you richer days filled with happiness, all the best and happiness. Happy Pongal!
  • May possibly the festivity of harvest season become one that comes with all this that’s greatest and whatever you deserve. Wishing you an extremely happy Pongal!
  • I want to thank the sunlight for burning up himself to give us existence, let us appreciate plants for sacrificing themselves for us, i want to thank cattles and pets or animals for assisting us sustain our your life. Pongal vazhthakal!
  • Pongalo Pongal. Cheerful Pongal! To you personally and to your family and friends!
  • This Pongal greeting has been sent on your path, to wish you exactly what the event is meant to bring. Happy Pongal!
  • On the auspicious occasion of Pongal¦wishing you a your life as glowing and beautiful as the colors of kolam!
  • A year has departed a brand new has started we certainly have waited for the festival excited mistakes will be corrected good deeds will be committed the crops happen to be harvested for a life being supported. Wishing you a cheerful Pongal!
  • Pan rice to sun our god sugarcane to cow and ox nice rise to you and myself good milk to family and friends. Happy Pongal.
  • Pongal is here, an event that represents joy perk, and brings along everything that is. May the festival from the harvest time, be one which brings along with it, all that’s best and all you are deserving of. Have a memorable Pongal.
  • May the sun our god shower his warmth on this happy day time of Pongal. Happy Pongal!
  • Hope the Pongal spills over with lots of fun and content times.
  • May the festival of Pongal jason derulo in goodwill, health and riches. Wishing you all a really happy Pongal!

As it falls underneath Mid-January, it is known to be a crucial time period determined by the Tamil calendar. Tamilians say ‘thai pirandhaalvazhipirakkum’ and in addition they believe that their knotty relatives problems will be solved with advent of the Tamil month thai that begins in Pongal working day. This is also considered the traditional month for wedding ceremonies. The profits attained from a great harvest make up the economic basis for high-priced family occasions such as marriages. Above we all just distributed few of the quotes with you make this Pongal stopping with fantastic moments giving you a lot of memories.

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