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Great Psychology Positive psychology is a new branch of psychology founded by Dr Martin Seligman, who may be the Representative of the University or college of Philadelphia Positive Mindset Center. This part is defined as the scientific study in the strengths and virtues that enable persons and residential areas to thrive (Seligman, 2007).

In addition , positive mindset is founded on the idea that people need to lead significant and rewarding lives, to cultivate precisely what is best inside themselves, and to enhance their activities of love, job, and play (Seligman, 2007). As a review, developing this kind of field might be beneficial to individual and in turn, to society. Being aware of what positive mindset entails and applying these in life will promote healthful relationships because this discipline aims to encourage positive emotions, positive specific traits, and positive institutions (Seligman, 2007). Nonetheless, one conceivable setback for the development of this new branch of mindset is viewing all the others as adverse.

Generally, researchers benefit positive psychology as an essential part inside the aim of studying the entire variety of individual experience. Researchers of this field do acknowledge the existence of the negative facets of life including hardships and dysfunctions, nevertheless , aim to research the other side of the coin. This includes pleasures, good feelings and efficient institutions. Research say that humans, by nature, conveniently recall the negative situations than the good ones.

Basing from this, a positive perspective and a healthy state of mind should be set. One effective way of struggling the unfavorable is to list every good thing that occurred in the daytime and considering on them. This should be achieved despite having a bad time.

To be happy, one must develop the initiative to dwell on the great and appreciate one’s blessings. One should apply conscious efforts to eliminate the unattractive and replace them with great and pleasant thoughts. Reference

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