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Excerpt via Research Pitch:

Additionally , Baxter and Eyles (1997) stress that “academic discourse is adequately different from lay accounts” and that “the a fortiori views of ‘outsiders’ are essential for understanding (pg. 505). Preserving the integrity with the respondents’ replies to the interview questions will therefore always be paramount in different analysis and presentation in the gathered info, even when this kind of analysis/presentation takes place in a quantified manner. Gay Airasian (2000) also keep that there is a top need for info obtained through interview to keep descriptive when possible. Much of the important data in this primary study will probably be quantifiable, nevertheless other elements will need to be remedied in this even more descriptive way.

The use of case studies as well as the general descriptive representation of qualitative info and its examination is a extended recognized pattern in the individual and even the hard sciences (Leedy 2003). Even presenting specific events and phenomena within the framework of the narrative can be an effective and scientifically valid way of using research and qualitative data analysis to generate a real and practical point about actual situations (Leedy 2003). Nevertheless it is difficult to determine the most effective framework in which to present the qualitative and un-quantifiable data collected in this study before the info – as free replies to semi-structured interview queries – continues to be collected, such narratives may possibly provide participating and powerful examples of the general findings with the study. This will likely also be in keeping with the requirements and restrictions of qualitative info analysis and presentation generally, and interview analysis techniques specifically (Gay Airaisian 2150; Baxter Eyles 1997). It is going to provide understandable and beneficial information about the whole group of reference officers analyzed and the concern of physical violence in central schools in as close a manner as possible to the views demonstrated by the resource representatives themselves throughout the interview procedure.

In his book Qualitative Study: A Personal Abilities Approach (2001), Gary G. Shank suggests that one of the most fancy errors that may be engaged in during qualitative research is “to adopt an intellectualized affectation of objectivity in place of authentic human contact” (pg. 211). Both problem plus the solution this study is targeted on are essentially human, and a full understanding of each of the respondent’s relationship for their job, because ascertained through the interview, will be a major component of any and all data analysis.


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