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My observation was Oct 18, 2011.

It was about 8: 00 in the morning while i began my observation. My spouse and i went to Baptist Health Kindergarten. The remark enjoyable compared to the last. Just to see how lively the children are at this age. The children experienced great imaginations when they were playing.

The preschooler that we observed was three years old, had blonde curly hair, blue eyes she experienced on a reddish colored shirt, black pants, pink shoes and was girl. She acquired no limits or physical to make her a ghost intended for Halloween inside the art place. When the caregiver asked about the colors she recognized all the shades that the care-giver asked her. The establishing was a very warm and welcoming environment.

This classroom environment prepared the kids for kindergarten with charts of figures, days of the week, hues and styles the children’s names were placed in someone section of within the cubby rack for their quilts. The room a new variety of glowing colors which usually display a mom or dad information panel, daily plan, labeled learning centers. They had the learning centre in the correct middle by the wall. The music area on the left hand side on by wall in the corner.

The science area is at the middle of the room. The art area was at the right part by the wall membrane and supplies and also the surfaces had various pictures from the children imaginative art work. The play area was at the different left spot by the wall membrane this area has a play stove and refrigerator with plastic material food. For the wall were different components of clothing that represented different professions and cultures.

The supplies as well as the walls had many pictures of the kids creative artwork. The floor was half diverse color carpeting and 50 percent wooden.

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