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Many problems of recent society can not be solved simply by laws plus the legal system because ethical behaviour cannot be legislated. The subject very well states that many of the problems encountered by the contemporary world cannot be solved by simply laws and legal program for the reason that the moral behavior responsible for these problems can not be legalised. To start with the very use of words just like sorry’, please’, thanks’ may not be forced by the law eventhough these phrases have a very high impact on the people in their everyday to actions.

It is just the moral responsibility or a reflection of the moral behaviour of any person in doing so. Law can only restrict or minimize a individuals physical presence but not his thoughts and perceptions. The very fact that people have got a lot of rights in a democratic region restricts the law and puts it into a rearseat in manipulating the moral actions of the people. It is to get the people to behave justly.

Several Prohibition trials conducted by Government to control the consumption of alcoholic beverages failed miserably. People under no circumstances gave up and located new ways of acquiring alcoholic beverages inspite of many restrictions in the govt. It is the people who have to understand the ill-effects of alcohol on the world and action accordingly.

We now have also experienced a number of situations where people suffering with SUPPORTS are ostracized by the community. Legal program can only help support they physically/financially although not morally. Is it doesn’t people who have to understand and act accordingly. One particular important difficulty faced simply by most of the countries is that of Polluting of the environment.

There are many laws enacted by Govt. to control pollution. No doubt that these laws are helpful in controlling polluting of the environment till a extent however the real control and a result of these regulations is put to question. You will discover factories would you prefer to do apart with the guidelines and regulation by paying out up fine/penalty for not adhering to the best practice rules instead of controlling their techniques of production because they still find it more convenient monetarily doing so.

Air pollution can also be handled by developing sense of awareness in the people applying automobiles the usage of multi-modal transport whenver possible rather than their personal cars and maintaining a sound condition of the engine of the motor vehicle. Instead law cannot make it obligatory for people to travel only by simply multi-modal transportation system.

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