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A person’s individuality and frame of mind are energetic and made from various, intricate set of factors. The question of nature vs nurture as well as its contribution to a person’s character has been debated for decades.

Based upon the interview that I done, I have come to a bottom line that one’s environment performs a more vital role in one’s patterns. This is because one’s upbringing and culture transformed any neurological tendencies that the person might inherently and internally have got.           � I actually interviewed an in depth family friend i have named Lauren Reyes. � To figure out if biology posseses an impact on her behavior, Specialists her if perhaps hormones effect her tendencies towards other people.

She stated that she activities mood swings although “[my] activities usually be based upon the situation plus the expectation more. ” Her answer conveyed that the requirement of others around her has been primarily based on what contemporary society deems may be the proper reaction/behavior in a offered situation.           � I likewise inquired about the traits that the lady have that has been influenced simply by her parents. She said that being kind, helpful, flexible and considerate are the characteristics that this wounderful woman has learned from her parents. She has internalized being kind and helpful to the point that she is aware that she reflects those features when coping with other people.

This is certainly demonstrated when I asked her how the girl sees herself. She told me that she sees their self as “friendly, approachable, and nice/kind…. like[s] to stor[p] others. ” Her idea of herself as useful is in convert perceived simply by others since she declared “I speculate others only see myself that way as well, because that they turn to me for support. ”           � In addition , her forgiving attitude is exhibited by the reality she simply cannot stay mad at a person for the week. In addition, she considers herself as “soft”, hence the lady easily forgives people.

In the meantime her considerate nature is illustrated the moment she does things pertaining to other people, especially to those that happen to be dear with her, that the lady knows will certainly benefit these people. This is what motivates her to perform her desired goals and to make a move productive in her lifestyle. Also, being considerate toward others is a strong impact on her patterns. Therefore , her actions in a matter will almost always be based upon how it will effect the lives or scenario of those that she is aware of well and cares about.           � Her considerate nature is known as a clear signal of her INJF character, which is dependant on the Myers Briggs Test that can be used by anyone who wants to find out what kind of personality he/she have.

A great INJF person has a “strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others and really enjoy supporting their companions, ” which in turn she confirms are correct descriptions of who she’s. Thus, these folks are viewed as the “Counselor Types. ”           � This kind of caring and helpful trend extends to her romantic relationship. Your woman thinks that an ideal romantic relationship is each time a person trieds to “mak[e] the other person [their significant other] happy. ” She also serves like the motherly type in the relationship because the lady “like[s] to manage [her] partner. ”           � Similarly, her solid relationship with her friends is based upon the fact that she cares about all of them.

This is also the reason that the lady remains dedicated to these people. This behavior is also refractive of her INJF individuality, which demonstrates “she makes a decision based upon emotion. ” In this case, deciding on her friends depending on that they make her feel. � Also, these genuine and warm emotions are prolonged to people that she simply met. Although she admitted that she self-monitors her behavior around people that your woman just attained and she is extra wonderful to them.           � In addition, the fact that her parents have handful of, close friends motivated her look at and attitude on deciding on her friends wisely as well as the kind of people she befriends. She stated that she turns into friends with individuals who happen to be nice and dependable.

Thus, she’s very selective when it comes to those she will always be friends with, which is also a mark of an INJF.           �  On the contrary, her performance at school has been considerably influenced by simply her wish to “make [her] parents proud…[Hence] I study hard to take care of my very good grades. ” Thus, the need to be excellent in whatever she is carrying out comes from within. Therefore , Lauren is plainly motivated intrinsically. She also mentioned that her motivation to perform well is definitely not mainly because she wants or desires a reward for the task. The reason why she partcipates in a certain process is she increases a feeling of satisfaction whenever the girl with doing a particular task.

In effect, this has contributed to a young girl who has become and regularly shows to be a responsible person in all aspects of her your life.           � Her responsible attitude, which likewise reflects a huge sense of independence, provides ensued mainly because her father and mother came home at about 8-9pm. Therefore, they were not really around the moment she gets home following school. The girl described this kind of circumstance being a significant part of her your life and has made her whom she is right now. It has also resulted in her not liking to count on other people.           � As a ex – student, the lady preferred to examine at home in her room with music playing in the back.

This particular feature exhibited by simply Lauren is accordance with INFJ personality, which declares that “when the INFJ’s thinking function is operative [the person becomes] the majority of aloof… this sort of distancing is only an indication the fact that seer is hard at work” (Butt). In addition , learning fresh information on her becomes less difficult if she observes the behavior being performed.           � Alternatively, her Philippine culture features molded her to be sincere towards seniors, and accomodating to others. The girl said that your woman obeys older people out of respect and courtesy towards them.

When her covering tendencies control from the fact that she is seen by other folks as approachable.           � Similarly, Lauren in person believes that culture “play[s] a role in forming personality and attitude [because] traditions tells you the acceptable and unacceptable perceptions. ” Likewise, according to Lauren culture determine male or female roles mainly because gender jobs are “dictated by society…For example, males should not be as well emotional; they should be reasonable. Women, however, should be cool with their stuff. ”           � Numerous research has also advised that a person’s environment is liable for one’s tendencies.

Robert Tyron, a pioneer in patterns genetics, executed a study between rats which can be bright in going around a maze vs rats which have been dull in performing similar task. The analysis showed the fact that dull rats’ ability to bypass the web improved once they were put into a rousing environment. Consequently, the study suggested that the stimulating environment increased the rat’s capability in going around the maze (Intelligence and Mental Abilities).           � In addition , psychologist H. M. Skeels seen children who have resided in orphanages in Iowa and were neglected by the adults that watched over them. The adults under no circumstances read all of them stories, talk to them or perhaps played with these people.

The children had been considered subnormal in intelligence when they got an IQ test. Two of the orphan girls had been transferred to a an adult ward wherein those “play[ed] with them, go through to all of them, cheer[ed] them when they got their 1st steps, and encourag[ed] them to talk” (Intelligence and Mental Abilities). Following 18 months, the IQ scores of these two ladies improved.           � It is obvious, just with the studies described earlier, that a person’s environment affected a person’s intelligence and performance in every area of your life.

While my interview with Lauren as well showed which a person’s upbringing and tradition contributes to a person’s individuality and frame of mind. Lauren’s traits-such as her kind, beneficial, forgiving and considerate nature- and habit toward other folks are created and manufactured by her parents. While her culture performed a part in her frame of mind and associations toward older people. However , her motivation intended for doing virtually any task comes from within and her connections with people depend on how she gets toward them.           � Total, I personally believe that one’s environment clearly designs a person’s personality and attitude inside the long-run.

Persons usually take action in accordance with anticipated beliefs and mannerisms inside the culture they may be apart of. Hence, whether or not there is a segment of the population that are aggressive because they have high-levels of testosterone, correct etiquette and knowledge of social norms will probably make them refrain from beating their loved ones or other people. They may also decide to look for help with their very own out-of-control, aggression. Also, sufficient child-rearing is important to produce adult and responsible adults inside our society.

Thus, living conditions should be conducive towards the development of a healthy, mature and responsible person. Reference Bottom, J. (2005). Introverted intuitive feeling judging. Retrieved February 1, 08 from�           �

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