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1 . What qualities are dominant in these cases? Name two or three through the Big Five and give good examples from each person’s patterns, emotional reactions or thought processes since ‘evidence’. Shirley: Shirley generally seems to not likely be operational to new experiences. At 57 she gets put herself back into psychiatric therapy.

The childhood with a drunken and conceivable depressed mom seem to perform part in the manner she elevated her children. Where now she only has lively contact with one of her daughters and struggles to accept the very fact that the other daughter is usually gay as well as the son is living in a halfway property. She married an harassing husband which correlates to the men her mother used to date whom used to abuse Shirley. Fatality seems to be a continuous cycle of experiences to get Shirley. Her mother perished then her first spouse, second spouse and then her child.

Your woman seems to be continually living similar life again and again and nothing new really taking place. An event that does affect openness is the fact that that the lady did get a lay ressortchef (umgangssprachlich); open to helping others. Inconsistant because she’s able to admit she probably could be an alcoholic but refers to it as a “problem”. Thus i would believe she wishes something new however the conflict starts when the lady exhibits similar behaviors over and over. Shirley appears to be an uninhibited, outgoing.

Although the girl struggles with depression the girl still shows signs of wishing to be around people and have a lot of interaction. The lady decided to go returning to psychotherapy that involves group discussion or one on one meetings. There may be still the time and effort of keeping touching one little girl.

It seems Shirley didn’t just like being by itself hence the reason she re-married after her first partner died and joined the lay ministry when her second spouse died. Possibly the reason for connecting with people is known as a way for her to not bother about herself as much. For example the lady works to get the state and is also a put minister but states “herself as “mentally ill”, yet that the girl ‘may’ also have a drinking ‘problem'”. Greg: Greg seems to be conscientious in some areas and not a whole lot in other folks.

He managed to graduate college with his masters yet has a difficult experience completing his work on the job. Perhaps the cause he challenges with communicating to the children’s parents might be a reason why this individual isn’t near his colleagues; lack of assertiveness. He has not developed a relationship with his father and isn’t totally honest together with his mother in relation to his libido. He appears to be a great achiever within himself but dealing or doing things to get something else is where he struggles.

For example “has trouble being assertive and setting limitations both with clients and colleagues nevertheless he works out at the gym and it is quite muscular”. Greg appears to be an uninhibited, outgoing. He likes singing in the

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