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Even though I use learned about the institution of slavery, I never considered the great number of disturbing circumstances that could expand from that. The most prominent aspects of the movie that struck home for me personally was that of the slave ladies. Their circumstances are distinctively tougher, as a woman me personally, it is unthinkable the atrocities that they encountered commonly. The first scenario that was eye opening- was that of Eliza, a slave mom, being intentionally separated via her children as the lady begged and pleaded the white master’s to not the actual unthinkable. Merely recalling the scene gives me a sharp relax down my own spine.

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The truth sinks for the reason that slaves had been traded and bought like livestock, and children abruptly separated from their mother’s instantly based off one light man’s decision and pocketbook. Lives irrevocably changed and shattered within a human auction house, very tough to witness. I believe it was necessary for the representative Steve McQueen to include the subtle psychological response from the white preacher, Ford, had to Eliza’s pleas. He tried to buy Eliza’s daughter as well but was declined and there was clearly little this individual could perform about it, but it really showed his humanity at the same time a “superior white male amongst an institution that just “is what it is. The second side story that was heartbreaking to watch and understand, was that of slave woman Patsey.

Even though she was your most efficient and quickest cotton picker around the plantation, your woman had to face the intolerable duality of lust/hatred of her Learn Epps- whom seemed to be equally infatuated and disgusted with himself to get his thoughts towards her. Patsey not simply incurred standard rape coming from Epps (the rape scene was specifically brutal), although she also needed to deal with the wrath of Mistress Epps, for your woman was not blind to her husband’s infidelities and regularly encouraged him to whip her.

The field where Patsey begs Solomon to strangle her was particularly depressing, for basically were in her situation, I as well would discover more tranquility in fatality. My center cried many for Patsey, for her plight echoes what I know need to have been a very commonplace incident for servant girls. This movie total was intensely hard to sit through, but I feel that the vicious reality of it is definitely something that was eye opening and necessary for those of us in our to think about and understand.

What the video does so well is put history in perspective, forces viewers to acknowledge the everyday horrors that was the captivity institution, which has been true and real that before. The film was able to mix up a storm of different feelings for me, despair, horror, disgust- but most significantly, grateful, thankful for my personal freedom and then for the liberties that I take for granted every single day. This film deserved and needed the three Oscars that it received, if certainly not, for reminding us all that life, liberty, and flexibility should and must stay a natural human right- which history would not repeat by itself in this way ever again.

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