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The focus of my thesis is about the “It’s more enjoyable in the Philippines” Campaign Motto. I will discuss to you regarding why is it more enjoyable in the Thailand.

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There are currently several travelers who proclaims that it is more fun here in the Philippines. Are you currently wondering why? Well maybe if you’re wondering why since you haven�t been in this article. Well, to reply to all your questions, I will point out some facts here in my personal paper about why is it More enjoyable in the Korea. I sincerely hope that you’ll get pleasure from reading this and hopefully, i will be able to gratify your curiosity.

First, There are many beautiful spots here in the Philippines like Luneta Playground, Burnham Playground, Puerto Prinsesa, Boracay, and the like. You will really enjoy viewing the scenery. I assure you that you will actually appreciate exactly what you will see here.

Second, Filipinos are referred to as cheerful people. We Filipinos love to laugh and have a good laugh.

Despite the fact that we are burdened by complications, you would not notice it for we always chuckle like we you do not have a proper care in the world. Were also known as favorable and friendly. Whether most likely a holiday or a other Filipino, we’ll surely pleasant you graciously here in the Philippines.

Third, we Filipinos are also known for our delicacies. Personally, not being able to taste food within the Philippines, would be just like missing a huge part around me. You must become thinking that i’m exaggerating, yet i make sure you, when you flavor our food here, likely to regret whatever you thought.

Last but not least, We are also known for “Bayanihan”. We always help those people who are in need. For example , you will find a calamity here in the Thailand. Filipino’s could surely find a way to help one another. Even though we have problems ourself, we’ll always find a way to help those in need.

Get back, I can consider that It is More pleasurable in the Korea.

Background of the Study

This study aimed to document the availability of the Division of Tourism’s (DOT) new international travel and leisure campaign tagline “It’s more fun in the Philippines” and to explore the factors behind the Agency’s decision to tap the Social Media as the primary automobile in promoting Filipino tourism through the new marketing campaign slogan. The research likewise assessed the effectiveness of the new media strategy in reaching its marketplace – foreign tourists. Open-ended interview guides were used in acquiring information coming from DOT as well as the Ad Organization responsible for the development of the new travel campaign. A one-page structured-survey questionnaire was used particularly in generating opinions from foreign tourists prove awareness and perception of the new travel promotion tagline “It’s more pleasurable in the Philippines. “

A narration in the circumstances and process in the production of the new tourism campaign was performed, together with a great enumeration with the primary reasons behind the choice of the social media because the platform and channel in waging the brand new tourism campaign. The study results revealed that the Net ranks Number 1 as a way to obtain information on basic matters and is a close second to good friends, relatives and co-workers while the source details that inspired the decision of foreign vacationers to come to the Philippines. Quizzed and shown the current and the four other past travel and leisure campaign taglines to determine their particular awareness of the current campaign, 47% of the overseas respondents accurately identified “It’s more fun inside the Philippines” because the current tagline. The participants likewise rated the current travel and leisure tagline since “highly acceptable” on its appeal, capacity to attract curiosity, reasonableness, realism, recall facility, and its ability to be understood.

Finally, the use of the Internet social networking as the launching cushion and funnel for the campaign can be considered successful on the grounds that regarding 50% with the foreign participants were aware of the newest campaign slogan, and that 33% got their very own information on the internet. The reach of the marketing campaign in a very short time was already extremely encouraging. It is recommended that the APPEAR IN extend or perhaps make its own survey if perhaps to determine the volume of foreign tourists who are attracted to come to the Korea on account of the modern tourism tagline “It’s more pleasurable in the Korea. ” Additionally there is a need to customize a terminology translation support in the DOT website to help make the campaign even more virally significant.

Statement of the Problem

1 . Do you think a tourism campaign slogan takes on an important part in appealing to foreigners? 2 . Do you agree with our plan slogan “It’s more fun inside the Philippines”? 3. Do you think the DOT plan slogan “It’s more fun inside the Philippines! ” is effective in terms of the travel arrivals near your vicinity? 4. Do you think that our recent tourism plan slogan will need to remain similar or should it be changed?

Relevance of the Study

To give information of how the ” Really More Fun inside the Philippines” motto was created or perhaps invented. To broaden the knowledge of the persons about the newest slogan plan of the Division of Travel. To know in the event the new slogan campaign is beneficial or not really the travel of the Korea. To know what are the problems experienced by the Department of Travel regarding their particular new motto campaign. To aid the Section of Travel and leisure on how they can promote and improve even more their plan to have a higher number of travel arrivals.

Scope and Constraints of the Study

DOT introduced again a fresh slogan. A line that would be easily realized. “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” is the same as “It’s More Fun in Switzerland”. According to Rome (2012) in her article in The Inquirer, the new tourism slogan in the Philippines is usually gaining more positive reactions by Filipinos seeing that January if the slogan was launched. The Department of Travel and leisure said this spent P63 Million to obtain good coverage for the campaign’s television advertisement upon CNN, that is aired in Asia, Europe and the Us. “It’s More enjoyable in the Philippines” has also launched at the Worldwide Travel Bourse in Duessseldorf, which was attended by a large number of travel buyers.

The marketing campaign had previously made a long way from its social networking success where different types of the slogan were placed in the internet. There are some airplanes that promote the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign by simply painting the said slogan on the exterior from the plane. Half-Filipino American Ideal Season 2 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is now the newest model of the poster of the Division of Tourism’s vast advertising campaign. According to Department of Tourism (2012), since the campaign of “It’s More Fun inside the Philippines” premiered in January, the Division of Tourism stayed positive because of the effects that the slogan gave.

Relating to Admin Jimenez, You will discover currently coverage reforms to facilitate the entry of the foreign vacationers, infrastructure advancements to improve the travel areas within the country, investments pertaining to expanding and improving the transportation, recreation facilities and accommodations that will help the Section of Travel meet the year-end target. In accordance to IPSOS Philippines, the slogan is definitely “communicating its intended messaging that is making each Philippine proud and tell how beautiful the Philippines is usually, making people want going more and visit different hot spots around the nation, and producing people believe and see that it can be truly more enjoyable in the Philippines.

Visitor arrivals to the Korea stroked the point of an perfect high of you, 148, 072 during the 1st three months in the year, posting an increase of 16. goal percent when compared to last year’s arrivals of 989, 501 for the same period. Deputy president spokesperson Abigail Valte stated the Section of Travel and leisure (DOT) undersecretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. provides announced the good news that installment payments on your 14 mil foreign holidaymakers visited the from January to 06 this year. The figure was 11. 68 percent higher compared to the same period this year. The local travel industry focuses on 4. 6 million vacationers by the end in the year.

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