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This was not the truth in Pakistan.

Then I read the call of prayer. The imam was calling everybody for praying by match the Iqama (which is basically a short form of the azaan). A great azaan is actually a call for prayers. People started out gathering about in the prayer hall. Being a mark of respect I walked for the courtyard thus i could get an improved view and not interfere inside the prayers. The imam asked all the worshippers to switch off their cell phones. I guess it can considered rude for the prayers to get interrupted by the ringing in the phone. I really could see every one of the men lining up in development. They all was in a direct line and made sure that there is no distance in between. I can see that there were a lot of unity amongst everyone as they made sure that all the gaps were chock-full. A lot of these worshippers had protected their heads with a head cap. I actually later found that it is a indicate of admiration to cover your head while praying to Jahve.

A seen several things while observing the prayers. The worshippers implemented the Imam in every approach. They put their very own hands inside the prostate position while praying. I found out that this form of prayer is referred to as the rakat. This is a type of prayer which involves a Muslim to stand, bend, sit and hold his hands inside the prostrate location.

They would fold while praying and then they would go down to the ground. Then each of the worshippers set their encounters on the floor two times. Then they acquired up and repeated the cycle. However during the second time they remained on the floor while on their knees. Then after they completed reciting their particular Kalmas (or prayers) they tilted their particular faces for the right and after that the remaining. Then there was clearly a short temporarily halt while the imam got prepared to prepare the individuals for the Dua. 2 is a plea of thanks to Allah. Then they all brought up their hands up in mid-air while the Imam read out a 2. After that was over, I could see people still praying. They were doing the rest of their prayers. I can also notice that people would not walk in front side of the other folks while they were praying. It is considered to be a sin to walk in the front of someone whilst he is praying. They would somewhat wait for the person to finish his prayers then cross his path.

A also noticed that no one talked during the prayers. No one is allowed to talk during prayers as they are said to be facing The almighty and praying to Him. No one built any prayer movements before the Imam finished his. My personal guide informed me later that it can be also regarded very irritating to break blowing wind as it produces an unpleasant feeling and destroys the wudu.

A went down on the grounds in the Faisal Mosque. I discovered it houses the mausoleum of Zia-ul-Haq, the former president of Pakistan. The mausoleum was on an elevated ground. I could see persons stopping presently there to offer fateha. (fateha means prayers to get the deceased). There were many people around in the grounds. The reason is , Shah Faisal Mosque is a landmark and is also admired simply by people around the globe.


This is a very enjoyable experience for me personally. I discovered a lot regarding Islam. This cleared a lot of beliefs I had before. The experience inside the mosque was very peaceful. I felt very happy and calm inside. It had been like like I had no more worries in the world. Everything was very clean and in an organized manner. There was clearly a lot of purity up. It was a really interesting knowledge for me?nternet site got to see how everything should go along.


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