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‘Religious theories offer the only sound basis for moral reasoning. ‘ Critically examine arguments pertaining to and from this opinion. Morality is the understanding and practice of what is moral, which may, according on your personal look at be instinctive, be associated with religion and culture, or be obtained by thinking. Most, if not all made use of have a ‘human ethical code’, which will follows God’s will.

Religious people will consult their religious textual content, whether it is the Bible, Qur’an or Torah ect, when making a moral decision. Often these faith based texts can lay out a couple of rules or guide lines. In Christianity it is the 15 Commandments, in Buddhism it is the 8 Collapse Path.

Even though these ‘rules’ do provide a good ethical base, if perhaps taken to all their logical bottom line they are goal and absolute, leaving not any room for the flexibility required in today’s society. This is certainly taking a Deontological approach; this is when a person has a collection of rules that they can consider to be absolutely proper. They adhere to these rules, as they are crucial than the result or result. We can use the example of illigal baby killing and the twelve Commandments.

These religious regulations state that ‘Thou shalt certainly not kill’. In the event taken absolutely this means that illigal baby killing is wrong no matter what the situations are, set up child will be born greatly disabled or will be given birth to into severe poverty. For many individuals moral principles are relative to a specific society, time and conditions, and their moral view can change through improved circumstances, needs, beliefs and knowledge. This kind of flexibility is referred to as relativism which is the opposite of absolute. Also this is known as having a Consequential approach, when a person looks to the end result, and determines how to act to achieve that consequence.

They have at heart the aim and believe that activities can be considered moral in the event they make that happen aim – the end justifies the means. Because of this many people often knowledge conflict to make moral decisions because they may have no total code of what is correct or incorrect. There are several several methods subjective morality: Utilitarianism is the look at that you decide whether a task is right or wrong by looking at the effects, and you should choose they action that will create the most happiness/least-suffering to the very best number of people.

If we consider whether abortion is right or wrong using the utilitarianism view we would have to say that this depends on the specific situation, and whether the baby would be born healthily or perhaps not, and whether the baby would be loved, and the number of people affected by the pregnancy, between other things. Normal Law says that morality should use the ‘natural’ form of behaviour, and that humans and society should certainly follow this kind of ‘natural law’. Therefore whatever is considered as ‘un-natural’ is wrong.

This means that in the case of abortion it will always be wrong, while pregnancy is actually a natural event and it may not be ended un-naturally. Social deal theory promises that laws and regulations and morals are a man invention where we consent to make your life better for ourselves. When coming up with a meaning decision a person will have to consider the effect upon culture and people’s freedom, between other things.

Once more considering the circumstance of illigal baby killing, a person using sociable contract theory, would consider the effect having a baby would have on the lives, the lives of men and women around them, and how the life from the bay would be once it truly is born. We conclude simply by saying that I think that faith based teachings usually do not offer the simply sound basis for meaning reasoning. That stuff seriously the individual scenario also needs to be considered when making a moral decision as every case features different circumstances.

I also feel that even though the religious regulations do offer a good, appear basis intended for morality the objective and overall rules stated by religious beliefs do not this can create a scenario for the flexibility necessary in today’s society.

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